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The choices we make




Quit Date: 02/01/22


Posted December 2, 2016 


We all chose to smoke and stick to it. When you first started it never became easy to you.


You had to work to make it feel natural. You had to work to become a full time smoker.


All the discomfort of coughing, head spinning, feeling sick didn't stop you from carrying on. Going around and around with the constant cravings never stop you.


Now years of conditioning later you have now decided the you want to quit. Now it's about pay the price for the choices that you made because you smoked or pay an even bigger price later on for not going through this now.


It sounds harsh and brutal but this is completely true! Which price do you want to pay?


You had to retrained your brain and body to smoke. Now put that same effort into retraining yourself to stop. You can do it. Just put the same effort in.


Just as it got easier in time to smoke and it became natural,a part of you and you could never see the end.


IF you stop you will get to the point that you will look at smokers and it won't look natural or right to you.


Further along it does get easier. Life becomes normal again.


Remember it's your choice. It always has been.


Link to original post: https://www.quittrain.com/topic/7786-the-choices-we-make/



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