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Are you thinking of quitting?







Posted April 16, 2014 




In other words, begin where you are.
But begin.
Please stop waiting.
Sometimes delay can have very serious consequences. 
As an addict I wanted the parade, the grand announcement, the regal launch, the ceremonial countdown, the press conference, the complete preparation with the guarantee of success before I thought I could start......before I could visualize what starting even looked like.
Working through these things, waiting to make them happen, burns through precious time. And it is a trick.....a trick that addiction plays to keep us enslaved. 
Begin where you are, but begin.
If all you can do is crawl,
One moment at a time, if you don't pick up that cigarette you'll be up and dancing eventually.
(Though at first, most of us tend to complain about the music a bit till we find our own rhythm, but that's okay too. It's just a mask for our fear of being judged for how we dance. Stay on the dance floor and that will fall away.) 


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