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If you still need that nudge to quit...read on !!!!





Quit Date: 7 /8/2013


Posted August 14, 2017 


I'm here to tell you exactly what it's like to live with C.O.P.D/emphysema..

It starts with a cough..that get alot worse and persistent.. People put it down to a smokers cough..the time scale can differ, as were all different...all of a sudden it gets herder to do the things you could do easy..take the stairs,walk to the local shop,shower,ect...

You get help with inhalers,clinic,s ,rehab,but nothing stops it's on slaught...

Very slowly.. You are robbed of your life and depend on your spouse to tend to your needs..

Giving time..depression sets in..then you have to deal with a double whammy..

Panic attacks and anxiety start because all this is scarey stuff to deal with..

This is how you will spend the rest of your life...and it could be years...

Fighting for your every breath..panic and anxiety...on oxygen tanks...

You owe it to yourself and your spouse to avoid this at all costs...

I am that spouse and we deal with this on a daily basis....

Quit..the risk of smoking is too high..x


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