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Quitting cigarettes is like climbing Mt. Everest






Posted October 19, 2015 


A lot of people try but not all of them make it!


When the climbers are in base camp, they are excited, anxious, and ready to start,

just like us smokers when were getting ready to quit, we are excited, anxious, and ready to start!


As the climber pack up for the trip, they pack food and supplies, and maps,

Us smokers pack our gum, patches, pills, and the Quit Train!


Some climbers practice to get themselves acclimated to the mountain by take short day trips,

Us smokers have had our practice by cutting down or by seeing how long we can go without one!


Camp#1 at 19,600 feet, Some climbers are thinking can I do this as the cold is starting to set in,

Us smokers day#1, Were thinking can I do this as the no cigarette in hand withdrawal is setting in!


Camp#2 at 20,700 feet, Some climbers are thinking what have I got myself into,

Us smokers on day#2, Were thinking don't know if I can do this as the cravings are strong!


Camp#3 at 23,000 feet, Some climbers get worried as some fall to altitude sickness and go back,

Us smokers on day#3 are worried as the nicotine withdrawals are to much and some go back!


Camp#4 at 26,100 feet, Some climbers feel the lack of oxygen and warmth are too much to endure,

Us smokers on day#4 feel there body is out of wack and the lack of nicotine are too much to endure!


THE SUMMIT at 29,029 feet, The climbers who have endured all the hardships have made it,

Us smokes at day#7, The ones who have endured all the cravings have made HELL WEEK!




Unfortunately more climbers have been lost on the way down then going up, they get careless and are eager to celebrate there accomplishment and loose there footing on the way down.

Us smokers can also loose our footing too and start to think that I can do this so maybe I can have just one or two and I will be able to quit again but unfortunately many have relapsed thinking this!


Unfortunately some climbers suffer from frost bite and loose a finger, toe, or are scared,

Unfortunately smokers can also loose some appendages, get COPD, or worse!


Climbers who have made it up and down Everest safely have accomplished something that only a handful of people in the world have done.

Smokers who have made it down the mountain through week two without caving in to nicotine have also done something I think is just as hard or if not harder to do, they made it though HECK WEEK!


A climber now can get ready for there next mountain to conquer,

But us smokers always need to be ready for the next crave!



So I think being an ex-smoker is more of an accomplishment then climbing Mt. Everest!


Link to original post: https://www.quittrain.com/topic/6149-quitting-cigarettes-is-like-climbing-mt-everest/


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