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Quit Date: 14 October 2012



Posted on QSMB Jul 25 2010 by JWG.


She was 17 and thought it was cool
She was 18 knew she was in control
She was 19 living in the fast lane
She was 20 and would quit before hitting 21
She was 21 and thought new years eve was better
She was 22 the new job was to much stress right now
She was 23 and her fiancée smoked anyways
She was 24 the baby would be fine, what’s a little nicotine
She was 25 what else is there for a stay at home mom to do
She was 26 job interviews are just to demanding
She was 27 in this job you have to be social
She was 28 her uncle just died but she would be alright
She was 29 thinking this time Im ready and 30 is my number
She was 30 maybe just one more year
She was 31 who can handle a divorce all alone
She was 32 working two jobs and life’s to hard
She was 33 and the new boy friend doesn’t mind anyhow
She was 34 wedding plans are all she could do
She was 35 his kids are so wild , just need the break time to time
She was 36 a quit would have to wait , to much on her plate
She was 37 forty wont be to late
She was 38 a daughter and two steps sons a mini van and career
She was 39 one more year and so done
She was 40 are you crazy and gain weight
She was 41 and probably couldn’t anyways
She was 42 and enjoy smoking

She was 43 but I should try, just for a month
She was 44 her little girl smoking, and wonders what went wrong
She was 45 The Doctor said it wasn’t good
She was never 46



In Memory of JWG - Reposted by Cristóbal

JWG Died of Lung Cancer shortly before his 4 Year Anniversary, 6 weeks after his diagnosis.


Link to original post: https://www.quittrain.com/topic/10730-jwg-post-she-was-16-and-beautiful-jul-25-2010/


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