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Quit Date: 14 October 2012


Posted May 19, 2016 · 


When our quits are young, we must learn and then practice in a conscious manner, to disconnect and keep separate our quits from all life events.

We learn to always keep our quits sacred, protected, and never influenced by any life event that may happen.
This dynamic we may call The Proper Sequence, and it is powered by your commitment to Never.Take.Another.Puff. (NTAP).

It does not matter what may happen on any day in your life......as long as you maintain in a conscious manner The Proper Sequence dynamic as a primary element of your quit, you will not smoke.

The Proper Sequence is:

YOU --> QUIT --> LIFE.


YOU --> LIFE --> QUIT.

By maintaining this simple sequence dynamic in your quit, you will not ever have your quit influenced by life events.
If you always keep your quit close to you, protecting it with your commitment to Never.Take.Another.Puff (NTAP), you will never, *EVER*, smoke again.
We build our quits, and train our minds, our emotions, and our spirits to live as non-smokers in beautiful freedom by continuing to commit to NTAP. as our way of not smoking, and our way of slowly putting this awful addiction to sleep.

Consciously adding The Proper Sequence dynamic to your new non-smoker identity will strengthen your quit even more.


(Posted on Day 364)


Link to original post: https://www.quittrain.com/topic/7018-your-quit-your-life-the-proper-sequence/


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