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Irrational Behaviors of Smokers...What were yours?






Quit Date: 6/2/13


Posted January 2, 2015 · IP 


We all have a moment or two (sometimes more) after quitting and see our former self in a smoker.  We see a smoker doing something unbelievably ridiculous.  Something that we as smokers, did or easily could have done.  As a smoker, it would have have been impossible to realize or if we did realize, we just didn't care...the addiction was that powerful.  I have lots of habits I buried with my smoker self.  Was reminded of one today.


I took my grandmother out today, she needed some shopping done and had a quick check up at her oncologist's office.  She is 89 and hard of hearing, with moderate COPD  so she needs a little help.  She had a basal cell carcinoma on her scalp removed and another was found and that was removed as well recently.  She is in the clear, next check up not till the spring.  Please wear sunscreen people, anything that is exposed to the sun needs protection.  


Anyway, clearly I've run away from my point.  We parked and turned around to the entrance of the oncology clinic.  A woman leaving the clinic opened the door and lit up a cigarette.  Never mind that you are on hospital grounds and no smoking is allowed.  An oncology clinic, HELLO what are you thinking?  Have you lost your ever loving mind?  These thoughts and more raced through my head.  As we approach the door, she hold the door open for us, blowing smoke right at us.  I tried to be discreet in covering my nose and mouth.  I have mild COPD that has been behaving very well since I quit smoking and refuse to breathe in smoke.  Meanwhile, my grandmother has that constant cough and inside my head I am starting to fume that the woman holding the door blowing smoke in our faces just doesn't get it.  Then again, she is an addict and won't understand until she is removed from the source.


Thing is, as a smoker none of that would seem strange to me.  I did a lot to get my fix as a smoker, hiding behind bushes to smoke when I shouldn't have.  


It made me think, what were your irrational behaviors as a smoker?


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Ten plus years has passed for me and I've begun to forget tbh the irrational behaviours . I focus more on today which is a life free of all those ties . Reminders though of how far we've come are good time to time .


I read through though this thread and was instantly reminded of smoking in the hospital especially right after surgery  . I'd had hip replacement and no sooner awake from anesthetic wanted my fix . Determined , I got one of the nurses to take me out in the wheelchair and within a couple puffs thought I'd pass out . A complete stranger escorted me back to my floor , which I didn't even know what floor I was on due to the anesthetic still not worn off .  Not long after though I wanted to go again . This time the nurse stayed and brought me back . How pathetic was I . I always joked that smokers healed faster cause we needed our fix . 


Other times in the hospital I would  give money to  strangers to buy a pack and even pay a cab to bring me some to the hospital if I was anywhere close to getting low . Did that on stormy winter nights too . Pd triple plus tip . 


I lit cigs on the stove when I couldn't find a lighter or would walk to a neighbors who smoked to borrow an extra lighter . My gosh the anxiety not having a lighter or a match . I don't miss that .


I was always double checking when I left home wondering  if I left a lit cig  in the ashtray and go douse them in water for safety . Gross . Having lived through a fire it was always on my mind so needed to double check every time I left home . Glad I don't need to do that anymore . 


Oh the crazy behaviours !

All stress causing behaviours !

Smoking causes tremendous stress !

It's nice to be free . 

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