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Keep It - Your Quit, Your Shield





Posted September 17, 2014 · IP 


Some people cannot go through something without having to put something on it or tag something to it.  That makes it justified for what is going on.




  When I started smoking there was no one week, 2 week, monthly celebration for the start, no woopie I have been smoking for 6 months......But during many yearly anniversaries from the start of my smoking, I  wished I had never started....But there is no name for that situation, just a wish that I had the power to fulfill but didn't for 35 years.




  When I finally did the needful and quit, I was filled with excitement and extreme joy that I finally quit.  I fulfilled something I wished for for 35 years....now that is something to be proud of.....In fact so proud and happy, I let that emotion over cloud the craves, urges, or trigger, then and now.  




   I wanted and needed to stop so I did and with that being my goal, I never saw a need to question any part of my quit.  Yes the urges, temptations,  craves, addiction, taste in the mouth, subconscious smoking habits, all were and sometimes still here.  I have to live with it because I myself alone brought the addiction to me..... But I don't have to accept it, I only need to protect and stay vigilant to my quit.....I just have to make sure I don't get a cigarette and smoke it......ane the more I do that, the more stronger my quit becomes.




  Point here is to continue to accept your quit from your decision to stop smoking.  Just don't smoke, ............ because you no longer smoke for your own reasons.  Don't worry about how you are going through it because you will come out the winner....you will come surfing out of that perfect 15 foot wave hole free and clear with joy in your soul.  You are accomplishing what you set out to do and that accomplishment is filled with health, money, and self confidence,  not to mention what it means to family, friends and loved ones.




Enjoy your quit, embrace it, let your quit be your shield ..............Bassman


Link to original post: https://www.quittrain.com/topic/2712-keep-it-your-quit-your-shield/


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