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Just got tired of Quitting again and again and again!




Posted April 23, 2014 · IP 


I have tried many many times through out my smoking career to quit and have failed every single time except one!!!!!  :)


This one is different, One of the reasons why I think is " I was just tired of quitting!"  :unsure: 


Tired of having to look those same people in the eyes every time and say, ya i started again. 😞


Tired of ignoring the side effects from smoking, the smell, the shortness of breath, ect! :wacko:


Tired of of all the money and services i had to fork over on loosing bets! 😠


Tired of looking and feeling like a looser to my friends and family! :blink:  


Tired of trying to explain to others why i started smoking again! 😮


Tired of rationalizing to myself why i started smoking again! :huh:


Just got tired of trying to quit smoking!(50+times) :(


Now i'm not tired anymore! :)


Link to original post: https://www.quittrain.com/topic/912-just-got-tired-of-quitting-again-and-again-and-again/


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