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The One Year Commitment




Posted April 7, 2014 · IP  (edited)



I come here for support....to vent....to encourage....to listen and speak truths.

I will continue to come here for my first year, because whoever I made this pledge to originally kinda knows what he's talking about.....when people slip away from their supportive community, they often slip away from their commitment to NOPE. 

I read something the other day that made me ask myself....."Well Julie, why do you come here?"

I see, and am experiencing something very similar to recovery from other addictions that I have and have sought treatment for.

There is proven power in a community of positive support.


I don't come here to 'save' people......not because I don't want to save people, but because I cant save people.

As it is with any diagnoses, I can help you treat your cancer, but I cannot save you from your cancer.

I can help you treat your addiction.....but I cannot save you from your addiction.


But the strange thing is.....and if it weren't so amazing, it would be ridiculous,

When I help you,

I save myself

from my own addiction.


Im making the commitment.....Im committing to one year here.


(I really feel as if Im just re-committing. Ive already made a pledge to stay with a supportive non-smoking community for one year. In 12 step circles, many of us have something called a 'home group': a place where we commit ourselves to showing up as much for ourselves as for others. Ive done nothing more than change my 'home group'. My committment stands. It just stands here)




Link to original post: https://www.quittrain.com/topic/318-the-one-year-commitment/



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