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How can we replace the Crutch of Nicotine




Posted October 17, 2014 · IP 



Whenever a smoker feels down, depressed, lost, angry, bitter I could go on with the many emotions that we feel in life, but a smoker will always turn to that one thing "crutch" (excuse as we now know it to be) to make them feel better.  Yes Im talking about the nicotine fix, the cigarette, one cigarette will make everything better.  We all know that one thing that stops many people from finally quitting or attempting to quit is the loss of this "crutch".  How will I cope without it.  I thought it might be really good idea to write down what we replaced our crutch with,  As our quit progresses it will be really good to see how our replacements improve.


I didnt stop to think of it until today.  Been a stressful few days with my dad and my future mother in law being admitted to hospital and today I reached a point where that thought popped into my head.  I am so stressed out I could really do with a cigarette. OMG!! luckily for me at that precise moment in time I was dealing with phone calls, arranging for someone to take my son to Football practice, trying to move money, so that thought did not grow and I did not allow it to grow.  Keeping myself very busy replaced my desire or need for a cigarette.  


Can we share for all those thinking about quitting or afraid of quitting how easy it is to replace the Nicotine Crutch.


A Crutch

Think about it :

Over the years, you’ve learned to manage your life with a crutch...

This crutch will follow you wherever you go, but will reduce the length and quality of your life by poisoning you slowly, while you watch a small fortune go up in smoke…

So what’s the point of smoking?

Do you really believe you can’t experience life without a paper tube stuffed with bits of a plant?

Most people don’t smoke, and yet they also know how to have fun and deal with hard or boring times. So...

The sooner you decide to take action, the better your chance of learning how to breathe again without a crutch


Link to original post: https://www.quittrain.com/topic/3133-how-can-we-replace-the-crutch-of-nicotine/


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