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Are You a Believer?




Quit Date: 07/13/2012

Posted September 20, 2016 


Life is really so simple...WE are the ones who make it complicated


Because the truth is....if you BELIEVE the cigarette will give you any kind of comfort or joy...then you will suffer a great deal.  Not just in the early part of your quit, but for YEARS after...if you can stay quit that long.


This is where the education part comes in.   If there is something you want that you believe will make you feel good...most people don't have the willpower to refrain from.  Those that do...are miserable and live their life miserably always thinking they are being deprived.  They aren't.  It's all in their head.  All about their belief system.


I remember a show that was on...not sure if it still is but it was called 'My Strange Addiction.  The people on that show had some of the strangest addictions I had ever heard of.  I only watched 1 episode and on this episode..there was a couple who became addicted to coffee enemas.  Their addiction became so bad that they took turns taking care of their kids so the other parent could spend 8 hours in the bathroom giving themselves an enema. 

That sounds crazy to you, right?  Of course!  But to them...it relieved them of their suffering.


Well folks.....that is how non smokers look at smokers.  With good reason....because after the initial physical withdrawal that only lasts a short while....that is exactly how it is.  All in your head!  You believe in it.  Because you believe in it...you obsess over it.  Because you obsess over it...you drive yourself crazy trying to convince yourself maybe this was a bad time to quit...maybe just one puff...maybe i'll just be a social smoker...maybe this..maybe that.  There is no maybe.  YOU STILL BELIEVE--and until you de-program your brain with constant reading, videos, repeating NOPE, mantras like 'there is no such thing as 1 cigarette"  or just constantly remind yourself that you are a non smoker, that smoking a cigarette DOES NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING for you..until you reverse the programming that has been in your head for so long...you will always suffer, you will always be a minute away from relapse...you will always struggle.


Even though there are thousands of "excuses" why people relapse or smoke...here are the most common BS lies.


1.  Boredom--what's more boring than putting something in your mouth and lighting it on fire...really?  I can think of a thousand more things to do with my time. 

2.  Anxiety--smoking increases your heart rate thus..increasing the anxiety (the only time smoking relieves you of any symptoms are when you are in the withdrawal period and it only gives you relief because you are feeding the addiction)

3.  Help you concentrate--Really?  again...an illusion  (after the first few days)  Smoking adds thousands of chemicals to the bloodstream and ultimately decreasing the oxygen to the brain.  How does that really help??  We need oxygen to THINK...not jet fuel.

4. " I'm under too much stress right now" This is life, you will always have stress.  The smoking trap was designed to hook you for life.   The only 'good time to quit'  is NOW.

5.  ANY OTHER LAME EXCUSE ENTER HERE...cause that is what it is. 


Link to original post: https://www.quittrain.com/topic/7522-are-you-a-believer/


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