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Why Did I Join A Quit Smoking Forum?





Quit Date: 22/11/2013

Posted April 13, 2014 


I am not a social media buff, I only have facebook where its my family and friends, people I have known most my life or who I trust and feel comfortable around (I only have about 150 friends added)


 I was not good on computers, I can be a bit of a technology phobic -


so why did I join a quit smoking forum?


I really wanted to quit smoking is the answer and I did not feel that I could do it alone, I was looking for support, my whole family smoked and I needed support away from that environment, some place where I could just concentrate on me and my quit, no judgement, no keeping quiet about it and if I needed to moan or was going through a hard time, there was going to be someone looking out for me and keeping me on the straight and narrow when the going got tough because those people supporting had the same goal as me or had walked the path before me.


As soon as I joined I was warmly welcomed and I felt apart of the place straight away


I quickly learned that education, support and understanding played a huge part in me quitting smoking


being around ex smokers who have no other interest but to help you quit smoking, no monies are to be made here, no corporate fog, no quit smoking tea is being sold here, its just truth and experiences and support and that gave me confidence and trust.


Its just us ex smokers here, helping each other, educating each other and the thing I love the most is this forum is run by ex smokers 


I hope that if you are thinking about quitting or have quit and are looking for what I was to help you then please consider joining - I have not regretted one single second of my experience here on QuitTrain.


Kind Regards 




Link to original post: https://www.quittrain.com/topic/595-why-did-i-join-a-quit-smoking-forum/


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I would also like to add why I joined this forum to quit smoking.

I had tried every possible way to quit smoking.  Hypnosis, nicotine gum and lozenges and a smoking cessation program with the famous Cleveland Clinic.  Nothing worked and I continued to smoke.  I became very ashamed, more isolated and depressed.   The day I found this forum, I was desperately searching for someway to quit.  

I started lurking and reading as much as I could.  The members here had a way of pulling you in.  They made me laugh, something I hadn't done in a long time.  They seemed to know me and my heart.  As I travelled the journey with them, they helped me peel away the layers of self hate and doubt and made sure I knew I was strong enough.  Let me tell you, I hung close and made new friendships that were all over the world.  Today, I am smoke free and so much a different person than the one that landed here two years ago.  I am strong and confident and loving life smoke free!  

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I stumbled on to my first forum while googling my many quit symptoms. Each one I googled led to posts from people who had also been through it.

I lurked there for weeks before I got the courage to join and I haven't regretted it for one moment. And although that forum is long gone now, many of us made our way here and were welcomed with open arms.

Like @Mee, I've made lasting friendships, hers being one of them, with people all over the world. We've laughed, cried and supported each other as well as those that come after us.

That people who didn't know me were so open to offering me support when I needed it most and knew what I was going through at any given time that first year meant the world to me and the reason I'm still here paying it forward 😊

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