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Today is the fourth day of my quit. I am just trying to keep track of my feeling for the first week. I'm told that the nicotine is now gone from my body and I have reached the peak withdrawal from it. I'm not sure what that means. If the nicotine is completely gone, why would I still be going through nicotine withdrawal which I'm told could last 3 months.


Lately I have been having urges to reach for a cigarette. I have decided that instead of trying to ignore it, I just tell myself that I just had one. I am really very convincing and I actually think I just had one and therefore I don't want one anymore. lol Unfortunately, this is not my long term plan of action. The longer I tell myself I just had a cigarette, the more I will look at my self as a smoker. NOT GOOD. It does help with the first few days though.


I attended my first community support class last night. We introduced ourselves and told why we wanted to quit smoking and why we are taking the class. It was interesting hearing everyone's story. I was concerned for a few people who stated how much they enjoy smoking. I think this will be really hard for them unless they start looking at it differently. I too enjoyed smoking but I know there is nothing enjoyable about what smoking does to you. Keeping those things in mind, I don't enjoy smoking anymore.


Another thing I noted was that out of nine people I was the only one going cold turkey. The rest are all using gum, patches, Chantix, etc. The instructor said that cold turkey was the least successful method of quitting. I only know that I do not want to use those products. For me, I think they would only prolong the withdrawal from nicotine and cause me other issues along the way. I have to do what's right for me and stay committed.


I believe its all in the right attitude and doing everything you can to stay on the right path.


Oh, and 3rd day is going okay. My homework for today is to list my triggers and different ways of handling them.


Well I am doing ok. I thought waking up without a cig would be bad but it's ok. I just keep having a positive attitude and it helps. I have removed any smoking stuff totally so there is no temptation. Also, started cleaning to keep busy and remove any lingering smoke smells. I have my first community support group class tonight. I am not sure what to expect there but I am keeping an open mind.


My quit date was originally last Friday and today is Tuesday, so I am already behind the ball. The reason I didn't start last Friday is because I was reading the EasyWay to Quit by Allen Carr and he said to keep smoking until I finished the entire book. Also, I have joined a community quit smoking group which meets tomorrow night. I guess it meets once a week and you can continue as long as you want.


So I just finished my last cigarette and I am looking forward to starting my new life. Yesterday, I totally cleaned and defumed my car so I would not have to bear that smell anymore. That's my first happy step in this journey. Today I plan to remove all ashtrays, butts, lighters, and anything else related in my house. It's trash pick up day so perfect timing.


I have been smoking for almost 40 years so I know this will be rough at times, but I also know I am a strong person and I just have to keep my eye on the ball and keep reminding myself that I made the right decision. My go to's will be this forum group, my Allen Carr book, and my community support group. I have always had trouble asking others for help so I need to remind myself that its okay to ask.


I am going to get started now. Wishing everybody a smoke free day!

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