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  1. I might check in with the doctor if it keeps up. It just happened again and I noticed I was taking big deep breaths to get through the craving. I think it’s anxiety and I’m over expanding my lungs. Lol
  2. Did your cravings come in waves? I get the thought of smoking in my head and I am able to block that out pretty good but then my lungs hurt almost like an aching feeling that lasts like a half hour or so. I’m hoping that’s normal.....
  3. So today is my 3rd day without a cigarette. I’m 39 and have been smoking since I was 11. I have always enjoyed smoking and never really thought I would ever stop. This is a spur of the moment decision. I haven’t even told my husband. If I am going to do this I don’t want people talking about It, which will remind me to smoke. My main struggle is that everything I enjoy, I reward myself with a cigarette. What a beautiful sunset, time to smoke a cigarette and look at it. Stuff like that. I always thought of it as a choice not an addiction. Until now!!!! Whenever I get a craving or even think of smoking my lungs get really tight and painful. Is this normal? Another thing that really concerns me is that I’m going to change. Smoking is a huge part of my relationships with family and friends. . We go out and smoke a cigarette together and socialize. I’m honestly really scaired about this. What am I going to do with myself when chatting with friends. I don’t remember the last time I was in a social situation without a cigarette in my hand. How do you get through this part of it? This is making me feel really sad like Im grieving the loss. I know that sounds crazy.

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