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  1. Pumpkin Is 9 Months Quit Today!

    Thank you everyone! Just need to work on the resulting weight gain now!!! Onwards and upwards......very slowly! Pumpkin xx
  2. Merry Christmas!

    Hope it's a good one......it is when you've got donkeys!
  3. Pumpkin is 8 Months Quit Today!

    why thank you very much!
  4. I found.....

    funny, five months ago I might have thought about it for a while. The thinking about it stage took all of five seconds today. I'm sorry for not cleaning my car out more often. Its looking bloody nice now though!
  5. I found.....

    a cigarette in my car today. I understand that says a lot about how often I clean out my car , but still......I just chucked it in with the rest of the rubbish I found.
  6. Pumpkin is 7 Months Quit Today!

    I gave my new found energy to a local animal refuge, and took six dogs out for a well-deserved walk.
  7. Pumpkin is 7 Months Quit Today!

    Thank you!
  8. Our sweet Pumpkin has her birthday today!

    Indeed, my birthday is Halloween which is why I have a black cat. :)
  9. Our sweet Pumpkin has her birthday today!

    http:// my birthday tea break.....
  10. Our sweet Pumpkin has her birthday today!

    thank you! I had a lovely time thank you! One reason I like living in France, its always sunny on my birthday. When I lived in the UK it was always dull, cold and raining!
  11. Pumpkin has 6 Months Today !!!

  12. Pumpkin has 6 Months Today !!!

  13. Pumpkin has 6 Months Today !!!

  14. Pumpkin has 6 Months Today !!!

    stop it with the gifs!
  15. Pumpkin has 6 Months Today !!!

    Merci beaucoup everyone! Wow, 6 months. I'm rather a lot fatter now, but I don't smell anymore!! I so wish I could work out how to do this GIF business! Love you all! sniffle sniffle, getting all emotional now! Moi xxxxx

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