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  1. Our sweet Pumpkin has her birthday today!

    Indeed, my birthday is Halloween which is why I have a black cat. :)
  2. Our sweet Pumpkin has her birthday today!

    http:// my birthday tea break.....
  3. Our sweet Pumpkin has her birthday today!

    thank you! I had a lovely time thank you! One reason I like living in France, its always sunny on my birthday. When I lived in the UK it was always dull, cold and raining!
  4. Pumpkin has 6 Months Today !!!

  5. Pumpkin has 6 Months Today !!!

  6. Pumpkin has 6 Months Today !!!

  7. Pumpkin has 6 Months Today !!!

    stop it with the gifs!
  8. Pumpkin has 6 Months Today !!!

    Merci beaucoup everyone! Wow, 6 months. I'm rather a lot fatter now, but I don't smell anymore!! I so wish I could work out how to do this GIF business! Love you all! sniffle sniffle, getting all emotional now! Moi xxxxx
  9. Donkeys!

    This is me and my boy, Gaston (I'm the one with the pink shirt!)
  10. Pumpkin Is 5 Months Quit Today!

    Never mind pie.....I got myself a new kitten!
  11. Hey Stupid

    I do know my name
  12. Pumpkin is 4 Months Quit Today!!

    thanking you my lovelies! I celebrated mucking out my donkeys (with no cigarette break) and then translating a document on adverse effects of a chemotherapy medication (with no cigarette break). Its all excitement here you know. :girl_wink:
  13. What's new since you quit??

    I volunteer at an animal shelter when I have the time - myself and some friends walk the dogs to give them time outside their kennel. Not only do I not avoid doing such activities anymore (through fear of not having a cigarette for a few hours) but I actually run with the dogs and don't feel knackered at the end. The dogs are so excited, and have so much pent up energy, that all they want to do is run. As they are always on a leash, I have no choice but to follow.....but its no problem!
  14. SHINGLES oh no

    get well soon