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  1. Pumpkin, just thinking about you...it's almost Halloween and I hope no one's turned you into a jack-o-lantern😱

  2. So I am less than two hours away from being 6 days into this quit. In some ways it feels so insignificant when I think how long a quit I gave up last time, but hey ho, must carry on regardless. Am finding this time a little harder because my life is such a bloody mess at the moment. But I'm doing my best to keep busy, I even cooked myself a healthy dinner tonight to make up for my awful day yesterday (although i did have a huge bar of chocolate earlier!). I also went to the animal refuge again. This is a picture of me and a beauceron called Jude. He's only four years old and nearly blind. He has a genetic disease which means he will totally lose his sight eventually. Sad thing is he has come in with his son and four daughters......they too are nearly blind. But my, what beautiful souls they have. It bought tears to my eyes spending some time with them. I know this is not smoking related per se, but it helps me to focus on something else.
  3. Pumpkin

    Non Smoking Cats

    My darlings Sparky (ginger) Pumpkin (black) Bobby (tabby)
  4. Pumpkin

    too much?

    No whispers, but now you've given me ideas
  5. Pumpkin

    too much?

    I've come to bed with a cuppa Doreen, safer when I'm further away from the kitchen.
  6. Pumpkin

    too much?

    Is two cheeseburgers, a chicken and bacon sandwich, two ham and cheese toasties, a hunk of cheese, half a glass of wine and a gin and tonic going a bit overboard on the old diet front? Good job I don't have any chocolate.
  7. Pumpkin

    still here

    Well as far as I know Linsie doesn't smoke!
  8. Pumpkin

    still here

    Slept a little better last night. Today was my volunteer afternoon at the animal refuge. Animals always put things into perspective.
  9. Pumpkin

    still here

    So I took a lunch break, went for a walk by the river, and popped in to see a friend. Hope you like a picture.
  10. Pumpkin

    still here

    Thanks Doreen I may also force myself to go for a very short walk by the river. Hell, I may even do some yoga this evening before bed. 😣
  11. Pumpkin

    still here

    Thank you all. Its nice to have you all here. I'm sitting here at my PC trying to translate this document (about a campsite!) and my eyes are just wanting to close. I also keep getting a bit lightheaded. I also remember this from the last time. I have always been anti-nap in the daytime, but am thinking it might be good for me today. Then again, maybe I should tough it out. Stupid thing is I am tired when I go to bed, then as soon as the light goes out, my legs get restless and then I can't sleep, so then I get anxious, then I cry, and then I just get more and more frustrated. Aaaaghhh!
  12. Pumpkin

    still here

    So here I am, entering day three. Doing ok, only problem is insomnia, which I know is common. Hadn't been sleeping great as it was, so add quitting smoking to the equation and it's a nightmare. Think I had about three hours last night, and four the night before. It's really getting me down. I'm not drinking more caffeine than usual (i drink decaf anyway) nor am I eating loads of sugar. I know it will pass eventually but with everything else going on I need my sleep. Am even debating going to see my doctor . Anyway, just wanted to have a good moan and feel sorry for myself. xxx
  13. Pumpkin


    Good evening. I'm doing well, I wanted to wait until I'd reached 24 hours before posting! I've been keeping myself busy outside gardening, I've got a lot done today. I have someone coming to view my house on Saturday so need it to look tidy. I then sat outside with two eight year old girls who are staying in one of my holiday cottages, and we sat deseeding sunflower heads for the birds. I now feel very tired, but in a nice way. Thanks
  14. Pumpkin


    Thanks buddy. Sorry you had to fire me last time!
  15. Pumpkin


    I'm ashamed to say I found it relatively pain free. This may sound stupid but I feel I often smoke to sabotage myself. When I like myself and my life I can do anything, but the moment it goes wrong it's almost like I stick two fingers up at myself and want to punish myself. The first three days I always find hard, but after that I'm usually ok. But my life is very different now and I know it's going to be tough this time.

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