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    I declare today "recliner day" and prescribe a good book or some bad t.v., along with "breakfast in recliner" cooked by BF the chef, and a couple of dogs at your feet making sure nothing hits the floor. Enjoy a lazy day in your uncluttered house and hopefully the CBD will help get your sleep back on track.
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    Oh it's hit alright. I know today is going to be another chill day for me I'm finally going to listen to my body and just rest. I'm curious to know what other side effects I'll have. I know everyone reacts differently but they said to expect this 'dip' around the third and 4th week and then around week 6 should start coming back up and feeling better. Glad to know it wont last forever. That pill did seem to work. I think last night was the longest I've slept yet! And I probably would have slept longer had the pups not woken me up. I'm definitely going to take another one tonight. But for now just checking in before I go hit my recliner.
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    Sorry you didn't make it to your sisters today but glad you're listening to your body and taking that much needed rest. When I first quit smoking I was exhausted for months so I can't imagine going through what you are on top of that. I hope the CBD helps you get that full nights sleep you need
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    Boy hellkat, I was beginning to think you were superwoman. I knew that radiation had to hit sometime. Your body needs to recoup from the radiation. Accept the fact that you are going to be tired for a while. Fortunately, it will not last forever. Can't believe Deadpool jammies come in adult sizes. I bet you look cute! I just googled the CBD/THC. Isn't it amazing how they have found cannabis to have such great medicinal value. You are doing so great handling all these new challenges. That positive attitude is going to carry you through all this. Take care and rest.
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    Thanks for checking in - I just ended up getting wrapped up in the day that was supposed to be 'relaxing' but turned out to be one of those unexpected busy days. Never did get any sleep much less to really sit down until bedtime at 11 and now it's 3AM again! SIGH.....my new 'wake up' time. Hopefully I'll catch some zzzz's around 4ish before the house starts buzzing when my BF wakes up. Oh how I made such a mess of things yesterday lol - I woke up to hair just pretty much coming everywhere and clinging to everything! So thought I'd take control and empower myself by just buzz cutting it. First I did take a little bit and saved a small pig tail of it. But ugh after that what a hot mess that turned out to be I started with the #2 guard and was like NOPE that looks really sloppy. Then moved to the #1 guard and things went from bad to worse! I finally gave up trying to be 'neat' about it and just swept it all up and threw it away. I never thought I'd do the wig thing but since my ins. is covering it and not costing me a dime I figured I'd take advantage of it. Then about the time I was going to eat and take a nap my phone started blowing up. It was my insurance letting me know the Dr's tried to put the claim under pharmacy and that was holding everything up. So rather than try and call them and sit on hold and the wait days for them to get to it I just drove up there and had them resubmit the claim correctly. While I was waiting the stylist went ahead and cleaned up my head for me - now it doesn't look like a 2yr old did it lol. But by the time she was done everything was already approved and I was able to walk out wearing the wig I picked out a few days before! So she spent a good 2hrs with me showing me how to take care of it etc. Then I actually ended up order another one before leaving just because! Both are by Raquel Welsh - the first one is called Show Stopper but the name is misleading. To me it's just a very casual just past the shoulders everyday look. But the 2nd one I chose was the Limelight - which is really long and curly and there's ALOT you can do with it. I go back Monday since they had to order that one. I'll post pics of what they look like at the bottom. But by the time I got home I realized quickly how hot a wig can be! I took that puppy off as soon as I hit the door and rocked the t-shirt turban all day. When I went to try it on to show my BF I realized I need lots more practice with these things. He really like it though! Said had he not known what my real hair looked like he would have never guessed it was a wig. But I went from a brunette to a red-head with high lights. Figured I might as well switch things up!! But to be honest the turbans and scarves seem way more comfy and easy for now. My sister got back in town tonight and wants me to come hang out at the river house with her tomorrow - I think a change of scenery will do me good and I can't wait to catch up with her. So I have all sorts of goodies packed for a day of just fun and sister stuff!!! Hopefully I'll be able to catch a morning nap this time before heading out. But if not I know I can just crash out there peacefully. Ohhhh and my Deadpool PJ's come today!! My BFF ordered them from Amazon so I'm super excited about that lol!! Still haven't gotten around to the mask yet - forgot about paint fumes/marker fumes so trying to figure out if I can just get colored duct tape and do it that way. I'm sure I'll think of something!! So until then TGIF everybody!! It's the weekend, time to relax and enjoy it because we earned it!! This is the 'show stopper' or casual and this is the 'limelight' a bit more dressier. Digging the red though.
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