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Quit Date: 14 October 2012


Posted July 14, 2018 


Posted on QSMB 22 Jan 2013 by JWG 




Those were the words written across the back of the mans T-shirt

"really" I though, what and odd thing to have printed on to a shirt but to each there own , I suppose

I did my best just to blow it off and go about morning,reading the news paper while having a cup of coffee . I dont stop in the cafe every morning , but for all intensive purposes I am a "regular" as the term goes. I am quite sure I have never seen this man here before. I certainly have never seen such a shirt.
Trying to forget about his shirt I could see just was not going to happen , in fact I was getting quite worked up over it . How dare someone wear such a shirt. Granted I am one of thous re formed smokers that the world hates so.. Well I dont go around telling everyone they should quit smoking , But to say " thank goodness for cigarettes" why thats just wrong.
Kids could read that and really think there missing out on something ,,,

uuugh ,, I was getting really upset. My eyes went up and down this man and I studied each inch of him . My first thought he must be some bum / wino that could not live with out his precious cigarettes , the vile things they are.
But after closer examination the fellow was in pretty good shape appently he was no staranger to the gym. His arms and back I could see were very muscular, in fact I would not want to mess with this guy at all. But dont take this as he looked to be a hooligan or crook , In fact I could see althou in jeans and boots he was a very well kept and neat . Minus the bit of dirt I noticed up along his triceps and on to one shoulder. His hair short sliver balding hair was very neat and trimmed standing out against the dark tan of his scalp and neck.
hmm.... he certainly was no bum

"oh dam" I thought to myself. I just knew I was going to have to say something to this man. Normally I

stay to myself . a real "live and let live" sort. But this for some reason I could not let go. As I walked over to the his table I thought off all the possible thing to say. Not wanting to start off on the wrong foot and start a scene.
when I got up to the table I eased around a bit so to be in front of him and said " good-morning , I noticed your t -shirt . I just have to ask why thank goodness for cigarettes ?" To my relief the man gave me a broad smile and said , "I love cigarettes . they put food on my table , money in my pockets. I drive a nice car and have two daughters in collage''.
Oh - I looked quiziclaky You must work for one of those large tobacco companies , that explains it . I said
Lord No the man chuckled ,, " Im a grave digger"



In Memory of JWG - Reposted by Cristóbal

JWG Died of Lung Cancer shortly before his 4 Year Anniversary, 6 weeks after his diagnosis


Link to original post: https://www.quittrain.com/topic/10731-jwg-post-thank-goodness-for-cigarettes-22-january-2013/


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