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Reclaiming Our Comfort




Quit Date: 2/10/2022


Posted 16 hours ago 


So sorry you are ill and feeling skunky, @Linda.  I’ve felt the same way. This wily addiction sure likes to try and strike when we are feeling low or unawares. Stay strong!


Bear with me as I try to express something for you, for me, for all of us who suffer… there is something important about “comfort” that quitting requires us to reclaim. I think smoking hijacked our ability to feel comfort. Instead of receiving tender care, we received ugly toxins and the manipulative mind games that come with addiction. Smoking was much less gratifying than it was cracked up to be. But Addict Mind wants to smoke anyway. So it’s telling me (falsely) that I am bereft of all comfort.

The thing is, we are not bereft. We just need to reprogram how we’re habituated, to give ourselves ACTUAL kindness and care, not crappy chemical substitutes.

There are days when it feels impossible to experience being soothed without smoking. But I try. It’s a great creative challenge to find other ways. And when I simply can’t comfort myself, I benefit from attempting to give kindness or comfort to others. I have VERY happy cats since I quit… lol.


Link to original post:  https://www.quittrain.com/topic/21298-crazyness/


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