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Nothing is more important.





Quit Date: 12/11/01


Posted September 6, 2021 


It is certainly possible to quit without substantial (or even any) weight gain, but my experience has been that a common characteristic of many successful quitters is the prioritization of quitting over pretty much everything else.  Nothing is more important for your health.  Nothing.  And nothing is more important for your spirt and self-esteem.  Ask yourself what it will take for you to do WHATEVER it takes.  You asked about withdrawal symptoms at three months.  While some people are not struggling substantially at three months quit, some successful quitters actually are.  I was.  I sure hope that's not the shape your quit takes, but are you willing to remain smoke free if it is?  Because that's how it is for some quitters, and no smoker--especially one in his/her late 30's--can afford to wait.  I had a catastrophic heart attack at age 40 that most certainly would have killed me if I hadn't successfully quit at age 33, and my brother died a miserable death from lung cancer at age 41.  Unusual perhaps and unlucky genes maybe, but quitting smoking is the single most important thing any of us can do to improve our health.  And while I definitely quit for a better life, after watching my brother's final weeks and days on this earth, I've come to realize that I also quit for a better death.  


We all know you can do it.  Stay close.



Nearing 20 Years Quit


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