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Blame nothing but yourself.





Quit Date: Nov-1-2013

Posted April 27, 2014 · IP 


I get it... we all have different circumstances and situations and backgrounds.  but one thing we all have in common is wanting to quit smoking.  




Times get rough.  It is easier for some than others.  I found it easy.  Some find it hard.  I found it harder further along.  Season changes and shit.  No doubt, though, I have been through a lot in my early quit, and many here can attest to that.  Or you can read the blog.  




We are all equally addicted to this substance.  So we can all equally quit this substance.  




Some act as if it is impossible.  But it is not.  




It is all in your mindset.  




Do you think you can do it?  no?  well then you cannot quit.  you will relapse after relapse. 




Do you believe you can do it?  yes?  Well then you shall succeed.  




There are challenges.  They arise.  Horrible circumstances. Do you really want to quit?  yes?  Then the only option is to suck it up.  and tread along... minute by minute.  




That's all there is to it. 




There is NO difference between you or me or anyone quitting.  If you want to do it... you will.  And if you want to make excuses to smoke... you will definitely do that.  No doubt about it.  






Get one thing straight, though.  Blame no one but yourself for not being able to quit.  Blame no one and nothing but yourself.  Because that is all there is in the end.  


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