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OK this morning wasn't the glorious awakening I should of had, but not to be denoed my great day I deserve I suck it up and get up an hour early.

Make Breakfast for my Mom and I and it is wonderful sausage and Taters peppered, tasty and tender

morsels, coffee rich and aromatic and tons of time to get ready, let me OOOOOss into my Day.

Showered Happy and on my way to work and oooh no my morning movement is calling and calling  NOW.  I make it to work in the nick of time and spell relief.  Again not to be denied my great day I figure that I am at least a couple of pounds lighter and have a spring in my step. 

And now off to make My living.  you are probalbly wondering what this has to do with my quit or smoking at all, well here it is.  After yesterdays hard and demanding urges and me being able to use my tools to over come them I thought to my self why leave my tool bag in the closet ?  I should have it with me ready to fix any situation, such as a not so good start to my morning.

I took the negatives and if I couldn't find a positive twist on them I simply did not allow them the power to mess up my day or to bum me out..  I kept looking for the sunny warm good feeling day and I finally did find it.

 Make your Day, don't let the day make you !


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