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  1. Hiking, exploring the city without a coat or discomfort and tennis are what I'm most looking forward to
  2. Congrats Mason. Thanks for showing that the fight gets easier over time but doesn't end. And that it's something you can keep winning if you stay vigilant and strong. Way to go man!
  3. At this point in my quit I'm just over one carton of NOPE and still going strong!
  4. I like the nodes of counting you NSVs, thanks for the technique run free.
  5. I quit because I was tired of being compelled to do something I found distasteful and didn't even make me feel good in anyway and to honor my grandma who died due to smoking diseases I've gained so much, exercise is so much better, my hands haven't been nearly as cold this winter and sleep is much better after a night out. What I didn't expect was how much better my sense of smell has gotten in such a short period. I also have a small bit of glee when my friends duck outside in below freezing temperatures for a break and I stay nice and warm inside
  6. Thanks everyone! Taking it one day at a time. 24 hours is a whole lot more conquerable than 1440, and focusing on the first helped me get the second. So excited to move into a new season smoke free for the first time in 6 years

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