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  1. I actually joined this board a couple years ago when I tried to quit and it didn't last a minute. Hah. But I remembered the board when I had this problem.
  2. Thanks. Reading this at least has settled me down somewhat. I had some serious cravings previous to this panic attack but was feeling pretty optimistic and that I was handling them. I don't really want to smoke much now. While I was panicky I didn't want a smoke or anything else really. This panic attack was like a bolt out of the blue. I posted about it as a coping mechanism. My wife has been great and babying me, I'm just trying to come down from this super anxiousness that just started. I appreciate y'alls replies. I feel like a damn fool.
  3. I quit smoking about 10 days ago. No serious problems quitting after being a smoker for 30 years. Then a couple of days ago, from nowhere, I had a full blown melt down panic attack. Thought I was dying. So bad I went to the emergency room. Had no idea what was going on. Doctor admitted me and ran a bunch of tests, and found no problems. I got home and I'm still feeling like I might die any minute. Haven't smoked yet but I needed to reach out and ask if anyone else has had such a huge reaction to quitting. I feel like a wreck.

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