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Who's in Charge?


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When you were a smoker trying to quit did you sometimes wish you could buy "just one"?


In my town a few stores used to sell single cigarettes. The singles they sold were stinky and stale and expensive, and it was like the tobacco industry was laughing in your face like "gotcha!" you will even buy a stale cigarette. What's next?, picking butts up out of the gutter?


Sure, you can bum one. But then when you get home, and it's late, and the demon's awake? Then who's in charge?


When you relapsed, do you remember thinking, "I wish I didn't have to buy a whole pack... I only wanted one, or two." ?


When you relapsed, do you remember thinking, "I just bought this pack today and it's full. I'll quit tomorrow..." ?


When you relapsed, did you find a crushed up cigarette pack in a pocket, with one or two left ? Do you remember your jolt of pleasure?


The tobacco industry knows. It knows it's in charge because you are the addict.


That pack of 20 -- those industry devils must have had it figured out --- the average amount in a day's supply for the addict. A smoke or a couple every hour, just enough to keep the fire stoked...


Hell, if smokes were sold as singles...you might have to work harder to get from one smoke to the next...there might be time...to THINK.


The tobacco industry doesn't want thinking smokers on its hands. It wants addicts.


It's a powerful thing to quit. It's a powerful thing to wake up in the morning and feel deep down inside, "I'm in charge. I drive the bus. I say what I do with my time today. I spend money on things I like today. I am a free person today."


The tobacco industry devils aren't going anywhere. They are at the edge of the parking lot, with their brass knuckles on, blowing smoke downwind, towards you. They want you addicted. They don't want to politely offer you "just one" --- they want you addicted to one times a billion+. When you're dead they will step over your body and stalk the next victim.


So, who's in charge of YOUR WORLD today???

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Me..............................great post CPK, I remember having little money and no fags, so bought a pack of cigarette papers, and opened all my cigarette butts and made roll ups, desperate  for a fix eh!!!! Sad Sad days.  I've now taken back control of my life, and do you know something, Damn it feels good xx

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yep.  My eternal line was, "I just want this one, then  I'll quit."  Sometimes that one would get me through the next day.  Sometimes I would stop and buy that single on the way home from work (not many gas stations sold them like that).  I smoked some nasty stales in my lifetime.  :) 


Sad days.  Glad they are gone!   :) 

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