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Video Introduction To Joel & Misc. Educational Videos by Joel

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Joel Spitzer has been gracious enough to let us embed his quit smoking videos in our forum to further help people quit smoking.  I've tried to arrange some of Joel's videos in order with issues that someone who is still smoking might be facing, those who are new to quitting, have longer quits and even those who have years under their belts.  Most of the videos are short in duration and hit on very important points that can change your outlook on quitting and in the process, change your life.


When I was first thinking about quitting smoking, Joel Spitzer's articles published at whyquit.com, were the first pieces that I had read about quitting smoking and some of the articles that helped me quit are still bookmarked on my laptop.  A few of the one's that changed my mindset about smoking are My Cigarette, My Friend?, The Smoker's Vow and especially the one I read daily in the early days of my quit, Stop Smoking Benefits Timetable.


You can read more about Joel at his website, read his published articles at whyquit.com and watch many more videos on his YouTube channel.


About WhyQuit.com

"The educational material, the why to quit material is applicable to everybody wanting to quit smoking, regardless of the method used.  It's showing the importance of quitting."




Joel's Goals For The Resources He Produces To Help People Quit Smoking





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Quitting Is More Doable Than Most People Think

The idea that quitting smoking is close to impossible is often perpetuated at Internet quit sites. This video hits home the point that this is a dangerous misconception. Quitting is in fact more doable than most people think.



Related article:
Breaking free from nicotine's grip is more doable than most people think


I'll Quit When...

Why NOW is the best time to quit smoking no matter when NOW is.



Related articles:
"I will quit when ..."
Waiting to Bottom Out
Setting Quit Dates

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The Terrible 3's

This video discusses why people "may" have problems at three day and three month marks.



Related articles:
The Miserable Threes
The terrible threes
Other related videos:
How long before I don't want a cigarette
Change of season triggers


What Is Withdrawal Really Like?

This video discusses how withdrawal reaction can vary for people, but generally will not be as bad as most anticipate.



Related articles:
Every Quit is Different.
Tell a newbie how how many seconds a day you still want a cigarette

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The Fear Of Failure

This video explains how many people are fearful of even attempting a quit because they are convinced that it is impossible for them to succeed. The attached videos examine the reasons for this fear and will help to illustrate that smokers can quit if they understand the addiction they are fighting and how to take control of it.



Related videos:
"I've tried everything to quit and nothing works"

"I can't quit or I won't quit"

Heart and circulatory diseases
Start at the 11 minute and 35 second mark for section that ties into this video

"I can't quit because I am addicted"


The Fear Of Success

This video explains how many people are fearful of attempting a quit because they realize that they may actually succeed. The attached videos examine the reasons for this fear and will help smokers to understand that the fears they have of their lives being ruined are based on the false assumption that cigarettes were helping them to live as opposed to recognizing that smoking was ruining their lives in many ways.



Related videos:
Resources explaining interaction between nicotine and stress

Quitting smoking can make you calmer, happier and healthier

"I'll never be as productive again if I quit smoking"


The Fear Of Relapsing

Video explains how many people are fearful of even attempting a quit because they are convinced that even if by some miracle they succeed, they will likely lose the quit at some future point in time. This video explains why they may have this fear and what resources we have to deal with it.



Related videos:

Lost long term quits

I know I will quit again

Past successful quits

If I relapse I will smoke until it kills me

Smoking a cigarette will help me to secure my quit


Quitting Smoking Out Of Fear

Video explains how quitting smoking simply out of fear of it's consequences has its limitations and may make staying off harder than it should be.



Related videos:
"I don't want to see any scary pictures

"No thank you, I can't have a cigarette"

"I gave up smoking"

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Carrying Cigarettes

This video discusses the pitfalls of keeping and carrying cigarettes after you have quit smoking.



Related article:
"I'm going to have to carry cigarettes with me at all times for me to quit smoking."

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One Day At A Time

Video discusses how the concept of one day at a time used by most other addiction programs is just as helpful for smokers who are quitting which of course should be obvious considering they are in fact trying to break free from an actual nicotine addiction.



Related article:
Take it one day at a time


Everything You Did As A Smoker You Can Do As An Ex-Smoker

This video points out that many people don't even attempt to quit because of the fear that they will not only have to give up cigarettes when they quit smoking but also, all of the activities in their lives that they did with cigarettes.



Related videos that explain in qreater detail why these fears are so prevalent are:
The fear of quitting smoking
How to do nothing without a cigarette
Can people quit smoking and still drink alcohol
I can't drink alcohol without a cigarette
Why do smokers smoke?
Quitting smoking: A fate worse than death
Being locked up to quit smoking

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I Can't Quit Because I'm Addicted

This video discusses why it is important not to use addiction as an excuse as to why you cannot quit smoking.



Related articles:
"I can't quit because I am addicted"
You Smoke Because You're A Smoke-a-holic!
"Was I Addicted?"
Breaking free from nicotine's grip is more doable than most people think

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Are You A Nicotine Junkie?

This video explains why so many smokers have trouble accepting the premise that they are fighting a drug addiction. Cigarettes were originally not classified as an addictive drug because they seemed to not fit the standard criteria set for addiction. The fact is, they met the criteria but because of their cheapness and ubiquitious availability, experts did not recognize the lengths people would go to smoke them.



Related videos:
Were you addicted?
You smoke because you are a smokeaholic
Nicotine addiction
Nicotine is nicotine is nicotine
Oral tobacco usage and addiction
Cigars and relapsing
I can't quit because I am addicted
The law of addiction
Addiction: The surgeon general says...
Related articles:
"Was I addicted?"
You smoke because you're a smokeaholic
Are you a nicotine junkie?

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The Power Of Nicotine Addiction

Video explains the full power of the grip that nicotine can take on an individual and the consequences that can be faced if a person does not quit smoking.



Related videos:
"I can't quit because I am addicted"
"I can't quit or I won't quit"
"Don't let a slip put you back to using"
"Lost long term quits"
"Were you addicted"
"Nicotine addiction"
The costs of smoking


Heart and circulatory diseases

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I'll Have To Use Willpower For The Rest Of My Life Not To Smoke

Most people overestimate how much of a battle staying smoke free will be once they quit smoking. This video discusses how people will generally stop thinking about smoking and not need to exercise any extensive use of willpower in order to maintain their quits.



Related resources:
Craves and thoughts that occur over time
Related videos:
Tell a newbie how many seconds a day you still want a cigarette
"Will I ever stop thinking about cigarettes"

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The Law Of Addiction

"Administration of a drug to an addict will cause re-establishment of chemical dependence upon the addictive substance."




Nicotine Is Nicotine Is Nicotine

Video discusses how nicotine delivered by any source via any route of administration has the full potential of causing relapse to any former smoker or user of any nicotine product.




Related article:
The Law of Addiction

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The Importance Of Quitting For Yourself

This video discussing the importance of quitting for yourself as opposed to quitting to make other people happy.



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Quitting for others:
Telling others that you have quit smoking:
Dealing with people who try to undercut your quit:
Offers for cigarettes:
Finding cigarettes:
No thank you, I can't have a cigarette:
I'm trying to quit smoking
"My support group is responsible"
Related articles:
Quitting for Others
When no one else cares
My Support Group is Responsible!

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Craves Or Thoughts For Cigarettes That Occur Over Time

This video discusses the fact that people may get thoughts for cigarettes after quitting and how we have numerous resources to help former smokers minimize the problems that these thoughts may pose. The following videos explores the different causes and solution to these thoughts or craves.



Related Media:

Difference between physical and psychological urges

Video discusses how while the intensity between the psychological thoughts for cigarettes weeks or months into your quit may feel very much like the physical urges you may have encountered in the beginning of your quit, that there is an important difference in the two states.


Fixating on a cigarette

Video discusses how people often fixate on the desire to have "a good" cigarette.

"How long before I don't want a cigarette?"

Video discusses how experience is what is going to dictate how long it is before you can do certain activities without smoking, not time. Covers some of the same concepts as smoking triggers filmed a few days before, but I believe more people will look up this title because it is a question often asked by people first quitting.

"Will I ever stop thinking of cigarettes?"

Most people overestimate how much of a battle staying smoke free will be once they quit smoking. This video discusses how people will generally stop thinking about smoking, and much sooner than they usually think.

Smoking triggers

Video discussing why triggers can often create thoughts for cigarettes over time.

Tell a newbie how many seconds a day you want a cigarette

Video introduces the Freedom from Nicotine thread that has hundreds of members describe the frequency and intensity of thoughts for cigarettes that they have over varying lengths of time after having quit smoking.

Avoiding situations where you used to smoke

Video discusses the importance of facing triggers head on as opposed to the natural inclination of many to avoid situations where they used to smoke.

Summer seasonal triggers

Video discusses how a national holiday or change of seasons may result in a temporary increase of thoughts for cigarettes.

Change of season triggers - the fall

Video discusses how change of season events and conditions may result in a temporary increase of thoughts for cigarettes.


Holidays that result in three day weekends

While discussing labor day and fall kind of changes, issues discussed in this video applies to lots of holidays and situations like three day weekends and the end of vacations for recent quitters.

Be prepared for holiday triggers

While filmed on Thanksgiving 2011, video relates to how any holiday or special annual event can result in more smoking thoughts than normal

Longer-term quitters who say they are having "Bad Days"

Video discusses how longer-term quitters sometimes lose perspective of what really constitutes a bad day when it comes to thoughts for cigarettes.

"The only time I think of smoking is when I get one of your stupid letters"

Video discusses how I used to send out follow-up letter to make sure that my clinic graduates were prepared to deal with the occasional thoughts that they would likely encounter after quitting smoking.

Freedom from Nicotine thread titled "Craves and thoughts that occur over time" that has numerous articles and commentaries addressing why these thought happen and how to overcome them:

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Boy, Do I Miss Smoking!

This video discusses how if people use the phrase "Boy, do I miss smoking," long enough, they may end up believing the message and putting their quits at risk. People don't usually miss smoking--they miss cigarettes and more accurately, they miss the "good cigarettes" they used to smoke. Really though, just how many of their cigarettes were "good cigarettes?"



Related articles:
"Boy, do I miss smoking!"
I Smoke Because I Like Smoking!
The Fallacy of "Good Cigarettes"

Related videos:
"I smoke because I like smoking"
Who wants to go back to smoking?
"I gave up smoking"
"No thank you, I can't have a cigarette."

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Why Many People Cough More After Quitting

This video discusses cilia repair that occurs after quitting that often results in an increase in coughing.



Related article:
Will lungs ever look better"

More detailed information about cilia and related tissue are in the lung cancer video at

Link directly to cilia related info in that video is
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Is This A Symptom Of Quitting Smoking?

This video focuses on symptoms that people may encounter the first few days of their quits.




Is Anyone Else Experiencing The Symptom...?

Video discusses the danger or writing off symptoms just because someone else says they had a similar reaction that just got better with time.





Related article:
"Is anyone else experiencing the symptom of...?"

Related videos:
"Is this a symptom of quitting smoking?" (part 2)
Does smoking cause my headaches?
Blood sugar symptoms
Common symptoms

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Is This A Symptom Of Quitting Smoking Part II

This video discusses how to regard physical and emotional symptoms and reactions that continue to occur after smoking cessation.



Related articles:
"Is anyone else experiencing the symptom of...?"
Nicotine Withdrawal & Recovery Symptoms

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I Smoke Because I Like Smoking

This video discusses how people who often say the smoke because they like smoking can come to realize that they really smoke because they don't like not smoking.



Related article:
I Smoke Because I Like Smoking!

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I Am Climbing The Walls Because I Quit Smoking

This video discusses how recent quitters often erroneously blame normal stress and anxiety reactions to external circumstances on the fact that they had quit smoking.



Related article:
I have to smoke because of all my stress

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Possible Changes In Caffeine Tolerance

This video discusses how some people find that they cannot consume the same levels of caffeine after quitting that they took while smoking without experiencing some undesired side effects.



Related materials:


Related videos:
Going back to normal after quitting smoking

Medication adjustments may be necessary after smoking cessation
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I Don't Feel Any Better Since I Quit Smoking!

This video discusses how some improvements happen gradually after a person quits smoking, and sometimes go totally unnoticed. It is beneficial to try to take note when improvements do occur for doing so can very well assist former smokers in keeping their resolve strong to never take another puff.



Related articles:
Make a list of why you want to quit smoking
"I feel 100% better since I quit smoking!"

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Dealing With People Who Try To Undercut Your Quit

This video discusses how there may be times when you encounter family members or friends who actually try to undercut your quit. Often they are smokers who feel threatened by your quit, but there are times where non-smokers may encourage you to relapse too.



Related articles:
Negative Support from Others
Offers for cigarettes
Quitting for Others
My Support Group is Responsible!

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I Can't Drink Alcohol Without A Cigarette

This video discusses why there is a strong association between cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption.




Can People Quit Smoking And Still Drink Alcohol?

Video introduces the article below that covers how people need to address drinking alcohol after first quitting. There are distinct groups of people who need to consider just what kind if drinkers they are to determine if and when they start drinking again after quitting smoking.



Related articles:
Can people quit smoking and still drink alcohol?
Alcohol and quitting

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