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Going Back To Normal After Quitting Smoking

Video discusses how after quitting smoking a person will eventually get back to normal. Normal does not mean going back to the normal they experienced when they were smoking but more accurately, what they were like before they ever took up smoking with effects of aging now thrown in.



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Sleep Adjustments

Medication adjustments

Is it true that everything smells and tastes better when you quit smoking?

Videos related to topics touched upon in this video:

Using cigarettes to self medicate pre-existing conditions

Quitting smoking and mental health

Blood sugar symptoms
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Update To Video - "Premature Deaths Caused By Smoking"

While many people know that smoking is bad for your health, most underestimate just how dangerous smoking is. Smoking is the number one cause of preventable death in the United States. This video serves as an update to my 2006 video "Premature deaths caused by smoking", incorporating new information just released in the February 12, 2015 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine article titled "Smoking and Mortality — Beyond Established Causes”.




Link To Article Referenced In The Above Video:
Smoking and Mortality — Beyond Established Causes


Referenced Video (Original From 2006):
Premature deaths caused by smoking


Other Related Videos:

"But smoking is the only vice I have left..."

Consequences of smoking playlist

Other related article:

Dependency's costs directory

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Life As A Smoker Is A Balancing Act

While quitting may result in a person feeling some discomfort for a few days, smokers face discomfort on a daily basis from having to maintain a constant and comfortable nicotine level. Maintaining this level is a constant balancing act.



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"I Am The Only Smoker I Know"

Some people find themselves in the unenviable position of being the only smoker in their family, social or professional circles. This often leaves them feeling isolated when smoking and thinking they are not understood when they are quitting. The fact that some people find themselves as the only smoker illustrates an important point though--a whole lot of people in the world who used to smoke have quit and have successfully stayed off of smoking.



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Quitting is more doable than most people think

Quitting can be a very lonely experience

No one understands

Closet smokers

Getting on with your life after you quit smoking

Related article:
How did we survive back then?
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"I've Read So Much About The Dangers Of Smoking The Only Logical Conclusion..."

For decades smokers have been assaulted with the message that smoking is deadly. Video discusses how participant in my first clinic finally reached the only logical plan of action after reading so much information about the importance of quitting smoking.



Related resources:
The Consequences of smoking Playlist

Other videos related to this clinic participant:
"I don't feel any better since I quit smoking"

How I started running stop smoking clinics
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Limitations With Quit Meters

Video discusses the benefits and limitations of using quit meters to evaluate the value of your quit.



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-Every quit is different

-Amount smoked

-Quitting smoking can make you calmer, happier and healthier

Other quit meter issues:
-NRT and quit meters (Freedom String)
-"Should I reset my quit meter?" Video
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New Video To Pass Along To Your Physicians, Dentists And Other Allied Health Professionals

Two minute video that announces the release of a 15 minute video that I just produced for doctors, titled "How to help your patients quit smoking." Please consider letting your physicians, dentists and other allied health professionals know about this new resource.




-New video: How to help your patients quit smoking

Other videos referred to in this video:
-Talk to your doctor about quitting smoking

-When you may really need to talk to your doctor about quitting smoking
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How To Help Your Patients Quit Smoking

Video addressing how doctors can influence their smoking patients to want to stop and then help guide them on how to successfully quit smoking.



Videos related to topics discussed in this video:
-"Whatever you do, don't quit cold turkey”

-Quitting is more doable than most people think

-Setting quit dates

-Premature deaths caused by smoking

-Resources regarding quitting aids

-Why do smokers smoke

-Everything you did as a smoker you can do as an ex-smoker

-The fear of success

-The fear of failure

-Resources explaining interaction between nicotine and stress

-Quitting smoking can make you calmer, happier and healthier

-Is relapse a natural part of the quitting process?

-Never take another puff

Videos discussing doctor-patient issues
-When you may really need to talk to your doctor about quitting smoking

-Suggested videos and resources to refer patients to who are interested in quitting smoking:
-How to quit smoking
-Hour and a half program that can help your patients save their lives
-WhyQuit.com Patient Resources
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Showing Others That There Is Life Without Smoking

Video discussing how your quit may help influence others to quit too.



Related videos:
-Helping others quit

Can you help a person who doesn't really want to quit smoking?

-Quitting smoking can make you calmer, happier and healthier

-The fear of failure

-The fear of success
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I Quit The Wrong Way

Video addresses the concerns of long-term former smokers who now watch my cold turkey quitting based videos yet had quit by an alternate method and now feel bad that they may have quit the wrong way.



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-How does your program compare too...

-Is cold turkey the only way to quit?
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"When Did I Actually Quit Smoking?"

Many long-term former smokers have a difficult time remembering the date or even the year when they actually stopped. This video explains an important underlying message of their inability to recall what many people would think is an unforgettable date.



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-"I'll have to use willpower for the rest of my life not to smoke."

-Getting on with your life after you quit smoking

-"I will not smoke today"

-Come share your strength, come recognize your vulnerabilities

-"I'll come for reinforcement when I need it"

-No need to apologize for not posting in a while
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Is Your Nicotine-Free Electronic Cigarette Actually Nicotine Free?

Recent studies show that some electronic cigarette fluids being marketed as nicotine free actually contain nicotine. Video discusses the real danger for any former smoker who tries one of these products.



Link to articles about these studies:
-E-cigarette nicotine labels not always accurate
-'Nicotine-Free' E-Cigs Still Deliver the Juice

Videos related to other issue raised by this video:
-Carrying mock cigarettes

-"Miracle" aids for quitting smoking


Other videos related to general electronic cigarette use:
-Electronic cigarette users having a harder time when quitting smoking
-Dual use of cigarettes and electronic cigarettes
-E-cigs as effective as nicotine patches
-Gallup Poll: Most quitters credit cold turkey
-Our views on the need for harm reduction
-"Whatever you do, don't quit cold turkey"
-Electronic cigarettes and harm reduction

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