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  1. Thanks for the support. I am at the start again but now know more and where I went wrong before. I thought I could run before I could walk!. Slow and easy. It's a marathon not a Sprint. I'm looking forward to the benefits I felt giving up before. This time I've read more including Allen carr and on this forum and I'm excited!! In 2 weeks I've got a weeks holiday and I'm going camping to remote Dartmoor walking which will.be a pleasure without the worry of having.enough smokes.
  2. This is a struggle. I had a smoke yesterday and today. It's like an itch you can't scratch!. I'm using patches and oral spray and whilst it takes the edge off it is so hard. I'll start again tomorrow and try again. Thanks for the support it could make the difference.
  3. Quit day is 04/04. I have cut down, I was on 40 plus a day. Part of the reason. Is my teeth! I've had a lot of problems dental wise. Then the dentist said he likes smokers as the damage caused to teeth keeps him employed. Was news to me but it seems it's true. I don't know why I never thought of it. Anyhow thanks for the support. It will help. I've decided not to wait but to start my quit tomorrow. Why wait?
  4. After numerous attempts I have decided this 1 will finally allow me to break with smoking after 40 years. I love hill walking and the smoking is having a limiting influence on my range and speed. Plus I begrudge the money spent on the addiction. I'm also worried that the next decades of life could be spent attached to a machine helping me to breathe. So with some trepidation and hope I'm embarking on a last attempt to slay the addiction. I've got patches and mouth spray but more importantly my kids are behind me. Strange thing is I'm smoking more on the run up to my quit. Up from 30 per day to 50 plus! Thanks for reading this.

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