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Shooting the Shit

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Congrats to everyone on the various anniversary. Job well done and don't forget to reward yourself. Nobody else is going to do it.  So reward yourself.


Next piece of business...


Post any info on yourself, your observation of the group or world, politics and religion should be kept to holiday dinner with your mother present type manners....


But anything not deserving it's own post or just an update on how you feel....




Forgot the cake for the newbies celebration


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So, my back has been hurting for a few days and now i know why -

The other day i got a package in the mail, it was kind of heavy, not something i should have been lifting when I get out of bed at the crack of 2:00 PM. So I go in with it and then some old creepy guy knocks on the door, holding a bible, asking if I knew Jesus. I said, "yeah, I think he is suppose to replace the gutters on this house". He just walked away. I got to thinking, maybe it was JEsus and not "HEYsus". This back strain must be bad karma.


Now my room mate - she is mostly cool and all BUT - she is about as dumb as a rock. Nothing is ever her fault, her logic is a mess, etc. The other day she broke one pane of the window in her room. Bakon, I am gonna let YOU say it. In fact, I insist that you do. Sometimes i wonder though if maybe everyone else is dumb and she is the smart one. NAAAAHHHHHH.


So on a good note, I am sleepy, my room is nice and cool because it is cool out and I have a fan in the window, tonight's sleep is gonna be righteous.



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