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Mind games





Quit Date: 07/13/2012


Posted December 9, 2014 · IP 

wrote this a while ago and just came across it.  Thought I would share it. 



As I was driving to work a couple of weeks ago, a song from my past came on the radio.  Instantly put me in a good mood.  I was singing along, bopping in my seat happily as i drove to work.  The song triggered a memory for me...a happy memory.  I was in a good mood all day because of it.


Fast forward 2 weeks later..a song came on the radio that made me sad.  Triggered an emotional response and i was sad for just a few minutes.  In the past, I probably would have let that sadness permeate into the rest of my day as well..but I have learned through practice and the process of quitting smoking, that we are in control of our thoughts at all times.


 We do not control environmental circumstances that may trigger a thought, We do not control a thought that just pops in our head that came out of nowhere.  We DO control what we do with it that moment.  Decision time.  Focus on the feeling.....or just accept it for what it is and move on.  It's a thought...a fantasy...a made up story in your head.  It's not real.  It may have been real in the past but reliving an unpleasant memory was bad enough the first time....why torture yourself.?  Same is true for the future....all made up fairy tales.


What's real?  Whatever it is that you are doing that moment.   Not the crazy talk in your head. This moment is all you are guaranteed.  The future is now.  


Same thing occurs when you are triggered to smoke.  It's a lie.  a fantasy.  a made up story in your head.  Our minds are our toolbox..filled with wonderful tools that were picked up along the way in our quit journey.  As you pick up these tools, you learn to apply them to practice.  Each time you do, it strengthens your quit.    After repeatedly doing the same things over and over..Mantras, coming to the board, reading posting,, drinking water, exercising, writing in a journal...whatever tools work for you...eventually they do stick.  They become automatic.


 You become amazed and so happy and excited that you have finally found freedom.  You see the glimpse that it is doable.  It's an amazing journey newbies!!  Embrace it.  Don't fight against it.  Every Time a craving comes....smile and say "BRING IT ON!!!"  Because you know that it's GO TIME..a chance to use the tools.  


Use the tools to control the chatter.  Question your thoughts....and you will most likely find...you are full of crap.  Get out of your own way and let the healing begin!!


I love my freedom!!!  You will too!  .  


Link to original post: https://www.quittrain.com/topic/3735-mind-games/



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