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Posted April 2, 2014 


Each month-I participate in running a brain injury/stroke support group. It's very fulfilling and I get such a level of satisfaction by helping these folks get together once a month to support each other, much like we do here. To some of them-this is their only social outing and they look forward to it. I learn so much from them; it's a very humbling experience.

Anyway....the point of this post is--tonight we have a guest speaker. A Neurologist. She's talking about non-conventional treatment for recovery from stroke. One is mediation, which I love. The other is intention therapy...which involves the brain telling the body part to move. Takes a long time. Baby steps. Maybe you can't get the whole arm to move but perhaps start with the thumb. Studies show it works. I believe it.

When I was 5 I had severe internal rotation of my feet. In laymans terms i was pigeon- toed. (For years i thought i was related to pigeons) I was teased horribly at school so my mom took me to the foot doctor. The remedy back then? Big huge ugly red shoes. I was teased by my peers even worse! I refused to wear those shoes after 1 day and decided I was going to learn to walk correctly on my own. I was determined. So for the next 2 weeks, I walked up and down my living room forcing my feet to walk straight. I practiced every day and I was always acutely aware of my gait and walked with intention. Guess what? I did it.


That got me thinking about the quit. NOPE, smoking is not an option, one day at a time, there is no such thing as one cigarette, I am a non smoker, non smokers don't smoke, non smokers have stress too.

All these sayings are done with intention. Way before you really even truly believe it. You just repeat , repeat, repeat until your brain finally catches on and it becomes automatic. The brain is a phenomenal organ. Used wisely--you really can accomplish anything.


So....Listen...repeat it...believe it.


Link to original post: https://www.quittrain.com/topic/77-intentions/


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