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Beazel Arrives On The Lido Deck Today!!


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Thank you sweet & wonderful people!


You are my rocks & my salvation.


You are my spirit lifters & my doubt squashers.


This - BY FAR - has been the most difficult quit of my life.


In past quits, I kick back and wait for The Big Excuse - it always shows up...okay tragedy has struck you can smoke now, but....way to go....you tried.....


This time my mantra got me here -  Smoking Is Not An Option -


Along with an amazing support group, education about the addiction, NOPE, and one fearless husband who has lived with the spawn of satan without blinking an eye.


But...I move forward with caution...


The demon is not dead and as long as she is living I must fight the (ever changing) good fight.


I can not and will not go back to square one again! This cat is too old & tired.


I think it's best to hang around another year (or so) to cement my quit and move toward that beautiful feeling of freedom.


(and to those that I will never see again (but will remain in my heart)...if you are lurking...thank you for supporting me in my journey smileys-hearts-646547.gif)

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Dear Beazel,


What can I say to a fellow quitter who just settled in on the Lido Deck? You are a hero! Tonight we remember the tough moments, but also the moments of freedom. You are right: the monster still hides somewhere, but not tonight. This is your day of glory! I really hope you enjoy it to the full. Please be invited to the next party ;-)





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Beazel - you are such an inspiration to us all.  Your honesty; your kindness; and your “common sense” have been my “go to” ideas for living without our smokes.  Thanks for all that you do & congratulations on achieving your One Year status.  Save me a seat & please stay active on this board - you are saving countless lives.  All the best to you!

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Well done Beazel!  I remember when you first came to Quit train...you were still fresh in your quit and extremely nervous and although you showed your determination to remain quit...still a little bit shaky.  Your confidence and happiness as a non smoker definitely shows!  


Congratulations on one year of Smobriety :93_punch:

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