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What are you doing right now

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Just watched my last grand baby graduate.  He grew up so fast.  A very special grandson.

Just got back from the pulmonologist and he said I don't have Fibrosis! Yippee!!!! I responded well to the z pack and after I get this blood pressure down you guys will be stuck with me for a while lo

Playing catch up with all the stuff I missed the past 3 days.... its been busy... so for those not in the know I got a new job... they are working around my medical appointments and health and eventua

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50 minutes ago, jillar said:

Facing reality.......  😞


So sad that he is gone, but let's just assume he eloped and is living happily ever after with his new bunny bride — but he'll never forget all the love and care that you gave him while he was enjoying warm hospitality and fine dining in your yard. 

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If my trains running early or late in the morning and I don't have to run down Batman hill I have my coffee at the Aussie bureau of meteorology with a the meteorology folk....they have awesome postcards.

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Well i’m Waiting to get sleepy lol. I have my clock all messed up. Good thing I’m not working or this could be bad. Can’t seem to get to sleep at night than i’m In bed til noon. Oh well i’ll Gwt my clock back sooner or later. 

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On 7/27/2019 at 2:40 AM, reciprocity said:

Growing a beard! I have nothing better to do so thought I'd see what happens. Never had a beard or mustache!

Pretty sure the wife is googling divorce lawyers 😯 


Tell your wife ,you will look pretty for Xmas !!!!


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23 minutes ago, Sazerac said:

I'm going out to get some vittles and cognac.

All that talk about a certain celebration made me quit thirsty !


dressed, combed hair, all ready to put shoes on and a big thunder/lightening rainstorm.

will wait for a while or put wellies on if it is going to go on and on.

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Go Get 'Em, JO.

You never know what this day will bring.


"You never know what's around the next corner, it just might be Johnny Guitar Watson singing your song !"

Barcelona Red c. 1980's



Edited by Sazerac
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Oh ok...I was really googling pictures of Ben Casey and wondering what the diff between a topless 

pic and one wearing a wooly juper would be??..... 

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Just had breakfast for dinner and I'm so proud of myself for flipping the over easy eggs perfectly without breaking the yolk!



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Oh great it must be city excursion day...Two groupsa kids just got on...the kids from the ritzy school in casual (which is a scary 90s flash back).....and kids from the special school tripped out in their uniforms, one complete with bucket hat and zinc on his nose. So will the private school snowflakes or the special school kids be the first to meltdown when it turns into a sardine can...???

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