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So its Christmas and

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whilst I am relaxing quietly just staring at my 'puter.....

my bonce starts a conversation it will never win!

my body starts talking to itself about who is the boss......   

Well the eyes tell them all,  I am the boss.....  I lead us wherever we need to go because I can read what the signs say...

Then the nose says...   Yeah, but I can sniff the sh*t out and tell us what we need to avoid stepping in, so I'm the boss....

So the gob responds....  True dat... but I can shout out to you all and let you know you are about to step into the sh*t, so we can walk around it and that saves us from stepping in it but we can still keep to our path.......  to keep on keepin' on with our quitting....


So then, the bumhole starts thinking.....  and then he tells everyone that he must be the boss.....

And so all of the other body parts start laughing....   in fact, the pen*s pisses itself laughing and causes the face to turn red, the eyes pop out of their sockets and the cheeks blow up as if about to explode....   the nose gets stuffed up and cannot function....   the brain starts to get real cloudy and cannot think at all to save it's life.....   and lastly, the gob 'ole starts to drip with saliva and cannot say b*gger all....   


That's when the bumhole then tells the rest of them...   see... I told you I was the boss....   You all laughed at me, so I closed up and refused to work.....    and look at you all now....   you can spout on as much as you like, but until you get rid of that sh*t you're smoking,  I will continue to refuse to work!


So the rest of the body all jumped up and down and agreed that the asshole was the boss after all..... 

Just don't walk behind him today!!!

diztonguesmall.jpgbaby spoon.gifBite.JPGhappy.gifimage.pngimage.pngimage.pngimage.png


Cigarettes were never the anchors in our lives that hold us steady....  they were the ropes that kept us tied to the dock while life sailed by! - jwg

It is not because you quit...it is because you smoked.  It will pass! -  Nancy

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To add the important things other people said to my brain... Technobimbo.... J
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