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If you smoke !!!!


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There must be more than 10,000 cigarettes. To be fair thats only 50 cartons of 200. If you look at the height of the girl compared with the tank then there s definitely more than 10,00 cigarettes!

BTW 3 weeks today for me and going strong!


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Yep it’s not been easy, but not been too hard. To be fair the hardest time is this evening for some reason, knowing I am only couple hours away from my 3 weeks. 

But don’t worry there is absolutely no way on earth this quit is being ruined . I live about 5 miles from nearest shop, so my tactic is to have a few drinks when I have a craving as there is no way I can get to buy smokes. Where I live the tolerance for drink driving is zero, get caught it’s furstky jail and then deportation. ! Life over 

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The cigarettes are randomly thrown in there making it look like more than what it is. Not that smoking is healthy by any means.

But it does show one compelling reason to not smoke - If you keep doing it, you will eventually end up having a hunchback kid.

OR maybe that is showing how many cigarettes that little girl smokes in a year? Man, she is going to have lung cancer before her age hits double digits.

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The picture of that tank full of cigarettes is a very good quit tool . Can you imagine them smouldering .. the smell ..  ug ! What would those glass windows look like ? . Would we actually be able to see through them ? Do you remember a time when in hospitals they had those glass rooms and people sat in there and smoked . I was one of those people and when I got a chance I would go outside instead because the smell would almost make me vomit .  I would send anyone I could to go buy me a pack if I was getting low or should say three packs just in case you know.  Boy it sure makes you appreciate not smoking . No more stressful moments like those . 


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