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5 years free for our Bakon!!!!

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Sorry to be late starting the thread...just so busy with all the preparation!!  Thank you, Bakon for all you do here and for keeping us laughing.  Hope you have a wonderful day...let the party begin!






The bar is open:


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5 Years Quit Bakon is something amazing and something to be very proud of!



You are also a pretty unique member of this community, to say the least. I feel like I have learned another language since I joined this group and that's just from reading some of your posts. Always something to look forward to each and every day! Most of all though, thanks for all you contribute here. You have made a significant contribution to my quit and for that; I want to thank you :D


So now, let the party begin!!!


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Congratulations, Bakon.  It's a true privilege to be able to attend this party, with these people to honor one of our greatest on his life changing achievement.  Thank you for all you do both here and there.  God Bless you.  Let's dance!




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Huge congrats Bakon..

Thank you for my making my own quit so enjoyable...when I see your name ,I know I'm most probably in for a laugh..

This train would not not have ran along smoothly without your support...

Having said that..I have seen a tender supportive side to you too..and have been blown away...

I have so much respect for you sir !!!!.it has been a honour and one hell of a laugh to travel with you...

Thank you Bakon...

I hope you stay around for many years go come..I might even grow to understand your posts...

Enjoy the party...x

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Good work Chucklenuts.  A five-year quit is nothing to laugh at.  You on the other hand...


You are a highly valued member of this forum.  We tell people all the time: anybody can quit.  Now we can point to you, a man of limited capabilities, and say: see, that dipstick quit five-years ago.  You are living proof that anyone who can fog a mirror can do it if they set their mind to it.


Seriously though...you keep it interesting around here and provide some laughs along the way.  I'm always surprised when I see it, but from time-to-time you offer up some reasonable advice to the newbies.  I mean...you're dumb as a sack of hammers, but you make it work.  Keep doing what you do.


Enough frivolity.  Get back to work!


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Congrats Bakon!


If I hadn't seen your post on good ole buddybook, I wouldn't have realized it was your anniversary .... I need to slow down and check in once in awhile.


Great job ....you're one of the best here for paying it forward!


i wouldn't be at this site of it wasn't for you and a few others...



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So here's the party

Bakon tied up in that yellow police tape to a chair in the middle of the room

The ladies of the train are dancing around him

Batman hanging from the ceiling, Stewart and reciprocity are taking notes

Pearlie is wrestling with Stewie and sonic, Frez and runfree have traded shoes, Doreen has got her whip out, Colleen says I get first first crack at him, Boo says boooo,# beacon is looking for a place to live, Paul is hung over the fence, babs pasted out in the back seat, MQ is overseeing it all.

Only the best for the Bakon!


Keep marching!

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