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I don't miss...


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Skipping lunch with friends just so I could smoke

Smelling bad

Bad breath

Toting around body spray and mints

Dealing with the smoking mess...ashes etc

Wasting money

Making time to waste money

Leaving early for work to get more smokes in before work

Worrying all the time about next smoke

Feeling icky!

Feeling breathless...it's better already!


Missing out on so much to have smoke time

Worrying about how my car smelled to others no matter what I did

Worrying so much about my health...still will...but not making it worse

Feeling bad I was harming my cat n dog

Endless list


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Filthy overflowing ashtrays.


Rattling lungs


Spending large amounts of money that I don't have


Being an outcast in public


Knowing full well what I was doing to myself and not caring.

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It's unbelievable to me how much time was consumed thinking about & planning smoking related stuff. I never realized that while I was a smoker but I sure do now. It's also taking a long time for my brain to adjust to the "new me". I still find smoking related thoughts popping into my mind quite often. Not a desire to smoke but more of a thought about, do I need a pack of smokes, when I'm near a place I used to buy them at. That kind of thing is still pretty fresh in my mind. I do really look forward now to social gatherings where I can actually participate fully now as as non smoker. No more sneaking away for a smoke every once in a while. And traveling, whether by car or by air, is a real pleasure now. No more worrying about "getting my next Fix"!

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I didn,t know what it would feel like to be a adult and not smoke..

I had to train myself to do all tasks ,and live day to day without my little fix

I love my smoke free life..I'm free...after being enslaved for 52 years.....

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