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I guess it's time I introduce myself - I am the hobo that has been hanging around the tracks here the last couple of days. I haven't exactly been invisible, just hanging back.


I think many will agree that coming to this type of message board, many of us were lurkers for awhile first. It made it easier (for me) to jump in when I was ready.


When Tuesday morning mania happened it was quite a blow and probably left many of us reeling. We were told about this site, so I came over right away to see if anyone else planed to meet up here.


I quite frankly have felt like a chicken with it's head cut off !! I have a very difficult time calming down once I am at high anxiety level.


My quit is still new & I don't think it's in jeopardy. I did at first when this all came about, but I think it was just confusion.


One thing I know for sure is that a smoking support group is vital to my success. My new habit is logging on first thing in the morning, even if I have plans - I will get up an hour early so that I can get my morning fix. Same holds true for other trigger times throughout the day. Games have become my lifeline & the NOPE pledge has become my saving grace.


As kind and welcoming as everyone has been here, I have felt very out of place. When quitting, that feeling that something is missing has felt like it's doubled b/c I am missing my home - the place that has been nurturing me for the last few weeks. I have been wrapped up in a super soft, fuzzy blanket - someone has always been there to wipe away the tears or to keep me busy. That was ripped from me in an instant.


Did I mention I am a drama queen???


And then there was the thread that started where I felt that QSMB was being attacked - that about put me over the edge. But as that thread has grown, I think I understand a bit better now.

Plus I'm sure the same holds true over here...Take what you need & leave the rest !????


Wow.....I needed a post....Thanks for listening.



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Hi Beazel!  Thanks for sharing!  Understand completely and I thought that thread would be taken as an attack at first too.  I don't want bad feelings between this board and anyone who is in the fight of their life from this sickening addiction..ever!  


Personally, I have no ill will towards the board that helped saved me.  I did have a peek over there a few days ago when this all went down and sure enough...a member who was there when we all left and was very instrumental in the drama STILL brought up the animosity between the boards..and even mentioned a post from February where someone said something not so nice about the board..and she added "and apparently the Moderators there support that"

1.  I didn't even noticed the post until I dug it up when pointed out to me

2.  Isn't it their boards policy now not to delete posts but she is saying we should?

3.  Nobody added anything to his post to encourage gossiping about that board.  He was a long time member who was just saying "hi' and did have a one line comment about that board that everyone just ignored and overlooked.  It was really irrelevant


My point is....except for the initial "split" 3 years ago and the drama that unfolded during that time....QUIT TRAIN has certainly moved on since then and our only goal here is to help members stay quit and have a safe and fun place to turn to for support.

We may not have as much traffic as they do there because obviously they have more $$$$ and corporate backup..but Quit Train has been running and helping many people quit and stay quit since it started.



I do admit I check over there from time to time and there is a sarcasm that still permeates that board that just doesn't sit well with me.  But to each his own I guess.  


You are welcome here as long as you need or want to be. It's understandable that you may just need to use QT until that site is back up and running. In the meantime...we will wipe your tears and hold your hand.


 As long as you don't put things in your mouth and light them on fire  That's really all that matters. 

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Great post, beazel,and I certainly understand all of your feelings.  Think of your anxiety level if there had been no place to go!  There was some drama in the past, but the purpose of the boards is the same...to encourage quitters and provide the information that will help!

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Ugh! If there ever was a drama queen, it would be you. ;)


Seriosuly though, I'm so happy to see you posting. You're so wonderful in so many ways and always have positive things to say. You're one of those people that we know has their sticky quit and that's inspirational.


Like you, the first thing I do in the morning is log into these message boards. I'm still early in my quit and still need it. I appreciate all you guys and everything you've done to help me along the way.



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Hi Beazel.  I'm glad that you came here to get the support that you need.  I'm also happy to see that you feel comfortable enough to introduce yourself.  You're doing what you need to do to stay quit and that is the most important thing!  You're doing great!!!   :)   

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