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So...I turned 30 yesterday! And I quit smoking! So you know now I want to start the healthy eating part and go into the complete transformation LOL... kind of a silly thought of mine if you will.

In my country the new big thing for healthy dieting is starting with a juice fast (I know it might be old news for some of you guys) I´m considering on doing one to help my body get rid of some toxins and my husband is going to join me. It´s a two days fruit and vegetable juice fast.

Have you tried it? 

Does it work?

Any advice will be appreciated.





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Eat what you always eat (you will anyway, eventually - no matter what you think right now)


Your liver and kidneys do a fine job of "filtering toxins" already. No need for a bogus Juice Fast.




Easy Peasy

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I've never done any juice fasts. Wouldn't that be a lot of sugar though?


I say, eat balanced and healthy food, have a treat now and then, eat a bit less, move a bit more, and you'll be just fine.


Mr. P and I overhauled our diet a few years ago to help support a new weights/cardio workout mix that we were doing, and at the same time, wanted to eat less processed food and get more nutrients into our diet. Since it also had to be something sustainable, and couldn't feel like a diet, we added a lot of vegetables, switched to whole grain/whole wheat/brown pasta/bread/rice, lean meat, healthy fats, nuts, grains, steel cut oats etc. And also desserts and treats now and then etc - you have to live a bit too. :) It's filling food, and you tend not to overeat. Portions aren't crazy big or small.  3 meals plus snacks (handful of nuts, greek yogurt, apple with peanut butter etc) You're always full, it doesn't feel like a diet and you're eating stuff you like. If you want chocolate, you have a bit and you're satisfied. I feel better, I've lost weight (calories in vs. calories out matter too) I have more energy, it's easier to get through my workouts and I don't feel like I'm on a diet. Keep well hydrated -water, herbal tea. Everyone's different, but for us, this is working. It's been four years, and we're still eating this way, and it's easy. 


And if you want to keep track of calories / exercise / meals and recipes etc etc myfitnesspal is a great, great site. 

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