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The lengths the poor smoker will go !!!!


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I talk about my smoking friend often..here is the next step of her denial..

The UK..have those boring new packets with horrific pictures front and back..

She says the pictures do disturb her alot...so...

She has bought a nice little box from the gift shop..and transfers each packet into this nice little one..with a big bow on the top..

How time consuming...out of sight..out of mind...sigh ...

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I went through no end of trouble to smoke - and to "hide" the fact that I smoked.

I bought gallons of spray fabric freshener for my car and coat.  Sprayed so much in my car that the headliner started to sag.

I would go "out to lunch" and sit in the parking lot of a store and smoke. Then spray down with freshener and drive back to work with the windows down - even if it was snowing -

to blow out the smell.

Addiction is powerful.  I'm glad I am on top of that beast!

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I'm with ya, Tex.  Was a total closet smoker.  I would find parks and parking lots to hid in and like you would roll down the windows to air out no matter the temperature. 


For two years, I even hid my smoking from husband.  I wasn't smoking a lot at that time, maybe 6 smokes a day.  It was awful though because I was thinking about smoking all the time.  Craving and waiting for that opportunity I could sneak away.  So happy those days are over! 

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I just had a memory pop up in my head when reading another post...


I remember--vividly today--going through the ashtray on my back porch and picking out about 4 or 5 of the longest butts that had a few puffs left in them...and sitting there puffing on those nasty, stale, disgusting things one by one--when I ran out of cigarettes.


OMG...I am so grateful to be quit today!

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