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When Did You Have Confidence In Your Quit ?

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On 9/11/2016 at 8:44 PM, bakon said:




I think of bakon's answer whenever I think of this question.


A really profound answer from our mad, mad friend and ally.


And while I am super confident about my quit, it is an integral part of my life, this freedom from addiction, 


 I will only be confident tomorrow if I stay free today.


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Honestly, 8 months in I'm still not confident, but I'm doing it. It is getting easier with the passing of time, so one day soon will be the turning point. 

I was thinking about just this the other day ... Someone asked me if I ever saw myself smoking again..only in my nightmares. I mean this is it people, I couldn't be any more confident in my quit than

I am 8 months also and agree with what Sslip states.   At this point I am somewhat comfortable with my quit but not totally confident.  I feel I have much to learn still with 44 years of smoking behin

On 9/12/2018 at 1:41 PM, notsmokinjo said:


I know one puff is it for me... that's all it will take... so NOPE NOPE NOPE... there is still a niggle of self doubt,  but I think that will always be there even in 20 years because I know I do stupid shit, and I know i'm only 1 puff away.... so I need to have that little negative voice of doubt to keep me on the straight and narrow.


First I wrote that ^....well I wrote a lot of other dribble....then I wrote about 6 months after that that I never saw myself smoking again....


Now, at on the downward slop to my 3 year anni....I have total faith in my quit....and pretty good faith in myself to not self destruct. It gets easier each day until one day you read something you wrote months or years ago and you can't remember the emotions that went with the thought because you have moved beyond that.

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About a week.   I had zero desire* to even smoke that last cigarette, but did so anyway out of habit.  When the first week passed, I knew I was free.


*I used Chantix, which took all the “pleasure” out of smoking.



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