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Where may I sit on the train?

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Boo, do you think a pharmacist would have any solid answer to my question? Or would it just be what he has also read?


I think a good pharmacist could certainly provide some guidance that would be beneficial.  If your pharmacist and psychologist are on the same page, your next course of action should start to become more clear.


It's like working a puzzle.  You keep moving the pieces around and eventually they all fit together.

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Karen...wow ...you are a strong lady...you have beaten so much already...

I'm sorry to hear of your struggles...

Sunnyside posted a great link...which I thought was full of info...

I hope you find the answers you need...never give up ..giving up...stay with us...xx

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I will say in my opinion nicotine will not help in anyway and even if it did.....not an excuse to smoke.


Quiting is hard. There is no special snowflakes here. Some of us just quit and walked away. Others struggle to hang on. Hard both ways and requires work. Don't think for a second you have a reason to continue because your special. Many people here with intellectual disabilities or other problems who have made it. A few old addicts too. They did it.


It's hard. We know. So stick with us and listen to advise.


Use nope. Say it. Repeat it. The. Repeat it again. Sing it. Write it. But you can't fail if you follow it.

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Bakon, no way do I think of myself as a "special snowflake" I knew that if I put this out here about the bipolar/meds/cold turkey situation I am trying to figure out, someone might see it as an excuse , but i absolutely refuse to compromise my very sanity and risk needing to be admitted to a mental health facility. So no, I will NEVER attempt cold turkey again. I've been lurking and reading in the meantime and have not set a new quit date.

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And please will someone tell me how to wipe out that meter.



click on the arrow by your name at top of page

click My Profile

click Edit my profile

click on Signature on the left hand side

scroll down to Edit my Signature

click on ticker to highlight, and then use Delete key

click Save Changes


Hope you will stay around and set a new quit day, soon.

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There is more than one road ...that leads to Rome...

As long as you end up smoke free..a non smoker...it doesn't matter what road you take..

I'm rooting you find your road Karen..smoking kills...your life does depend on it...

My best wishes...

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