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##New game## ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer


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Dunno but can you send some of the rain to NSW and QLD cos they really need it, they have been waiting over 6 years... its a crisis, we will even take your Macs.


Besides "the son of" what the hell is a mac?

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Right, it's because they break the law. In the same way as the MCC is the custodian of the laws of cricket, just across the road in St John's Wood the MCE (Moderators of Correct English) set the standards for our fine language. Anything else that comes from the outposts is simply lazy slang. 


Just what language do you think you talk? ;)


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I'm bi-lingual, I speak Strayin and English.


5 hours ago, Sslip said:

Right, it's because they break the law.


What is the punishment for breaking the spoken English language law???


(kind of hoping its not transportation BACK to England)

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It's niggling me so am backing up the bus....


On 8/15/2018 at 10:57 AM, notsmokinjo said:

Its called a rain coat.... and no, its for people that know when its windy an umbrella is pointless because it just ends up broken in a bin at the station.


Why do people talk so different, its the same frickin language?



It's proper name is a Macintosh, Mac for short  named after the inventor of waterproof fabric Charles Macintosh.. 


We had to invent something to keep the wet oot as out of 365 days at least 300 are guaranteed to be wet ??

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nuh-uh... its a rain coat cos its for keeping the rain out, or its a spray coat if ya using it on a boat cos it keeps the sea spray out... Next minit you'll be tellin me the yanks call jeans Levi's after some geezer who invented denim?! ;)?

Theres also:

Warfie Coats ... cos all the warfies wear em

Bluies.... cos they are blue

Bomber Jackets....cos they are the style bomber pilots wore.. in some places these can also be warfie coats

Drizabone ... cos they keep you dry as a bone... although some call these stockman coats

Ski jacket... cos ya wear it at the snow

puffer jucket... cos its puffy

but a mac or macintosh....you sure that's not just the new burger at macca's???? ?


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13 hours ago, Sslip said:

Do you not thing there is a danger she'll stick the nut in as she comes back up or is that what you mean by practice?


Who deserves a slap round the face with a wet fish? 

 Not sure wot stick the nut in is but I don't curtsey for anyone, especially a grown arse man with no medical reason not to dress himself.... via le republic!


OH... who deserves a slap round the face with a wet fish... do we have enough wet fish fr everyone?.... Trump and Turnbull would be my starting point... then those Kardashian nitwits....


Does each freckle on a ranga's face really represent a soul they have stolen or are they sun kisses like my daddy said?

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