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WK/46 Group Discussion - How To Recognize If You're Romanticizing The Cigarette

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I need to read this topic as many times as needed. I am guilty of romancing the cigarette.. and on day 3 hanging on for dear life. My addiction is acting like a rebelious teen and giving me a hundered ways on how to sneak in a cig... or where to buy it, how to hide it from everyone here (I can't and won't , I am a lousy liar..  1 lie will keep me up for nights... ). My addiction is lying to me - telling me it won't happen to me, I won't  get sick... I am invincible, I am not a heavy smoker... so...  

So many thoughts running through my mind... can't keep up with them 😛

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We all ran on the lies of nicotine addiction, V.

My biggest one was, 'I really love smoking'

which teamed up so well with my complete denial over health issues.


As the truth about addiction emerges, we gain the power to defeat it.

Nurture yourself and your strengths.

You don't smoke anymore !  That is the truth to run with now.


The inner power, self confidence and trust in yourself grows exponentially with every crave you conquer, every trigger you dismiss.

You are winning.


Do not let smoky thoughts sit in your brain and fester.

Banish them, replace them with thoughts of beauty immediately.


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You are so right @Sazerac


I romanced the cigarette for nearly 40 years.  The power of addiction is really frightening. The biggest obstacle with quitting in the early days is getting far enough away from the addiction to see it for what it really is. 


I do struggle from time to time but I know for a fact that is just the addiction trying to get it's hooks into me again. 


I learnt three really important lessons here. 


1 - take smoking of the table. Do anything else but don't make smoking an option


2 - giving smoking any positive thoughts is nothing more than junkie thinking 


3 - keeping the quit you have can sometimes feel like hard work but it's easier to keep the quit you have than start another one

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