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Hi and welcome on board, the buffet carriage here is awesome!  Stay close by and reach out if you need to SOS don't ever think its a problem someone is always here to listen, and help if needed.  Your journey will be an amazing one and one your will be glad you have chosen to follow, xx

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Love you all! I failed but started again and destroyd my last ciggarettes and keep moving. Im not giving up!! :)


Don't ever give up!!


Can you say what lead up to smoking again?  Glad to see that you're back to quitting again so quickly.  Too many times when somebody fails to quit it's not until 10 or more years down the road until they try again.

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Hey Sanna - you can do this - and remember we are all here to support you if you need it ! Stay close to the board and let us know how you are going ?

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So true. "Keep the faith" is awesome song. But my song is "man in the mirror" because i wanna make that change and its feel really good! Love this lyrics. Spoke to much. :) how you guys doing? Im doing well:)

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Sanna, great you are back


I stayed away from wine until I was more stable in my quit


Whatever it takes 


Keep a.plan and give yourself the best chance and help you can, you know your own hurdles and bumps


I even stayed away from family ( it was a great excuse)  :D


Alas I had to go back to family lol


One step at a time, stick close to th  board post more an  get involved :)

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