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Sazerac is 8 years smoke free!!


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Congratulations @Sazerac on 8 years smoke free.  You have helped and inspired many in their quits during your time here.


I hope all is well and that you stop by to let us know how you are doing.


Celebrate big today!



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Sazerac is a Legendary Quitter!  Congratulations on eight years!  She is also the maker of a Legendary Gumbo.  Her recipe is 8 pages long and takes 3 days to make.  Here is some of her instructions:


Cut up and bone duck, refrigerate.     

Liver,  sauteed with garlic in duck fat, pssst spit of cognac for Chef.

Giblets chopped, neck cracked and roasted.


I hope she makes some gumbo to celebrate.


Here's some music for the party:


California Honeydrops "When It Was Wrong" 2011 - YouTube

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Hello you beautiful nicotine free creatures !

Thank you for the celebratory thread.

It means a lot, that's for true.

I love y'all !  


This was the first year I nearly forgot the date.

Probably because I haven't been looking in on QTrain.



I haven't considered it seriously for these Eight years.

The first year was a slog but, I never doubted my commitment to myself,

I Quit Smoking.



I will never smoke again.

I say this with vigilant confidence and an understanding of the nature of addiction. 

I end and greet each day, grateful for being nicotine free. Every day, twice a day.

This is one way my vigilance manifests. 



Darling Newbies,

Educate yourselves ! Don't be lazy about this.

Research how nicotine affects the brain to comprehend what you are experiencing. 


Sure, the feel-good touchy-feelie stuff support is great

but without grounded information about nicotine addiction it won't help you fully understand your addiction.

And you should understand your addiction.  It is Who You Are.


Watch Joel Spitzer's videos.

Joel's library is comprehensive and accessible.  Use this gift !


Check out my Topics and Blogs.

There are some gems hidden therein. 

I spent a lot of years here and love seeing the information travel to new eyes.


Love to everybody.  Thank y'all for your work.

Sazerac's all around, and a bowl of Legendary Gumbo.

It is almost getting cool enough to start on my stocks.


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I've been deep in the celebrations and remembered so many great people.  All you newbies (under a year) take heart.  You will have years of freedom before you know it.  S

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