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Why smoke?? What makes you crave?

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I told my therapist I used to smoke to have an excuse to be alone. I'm very introverted and my "social batteries" are very limited.


I quit smoking years ago. I don't usually think about smoking. I forgot about it. It's just a silly thing I used to do and won't do anymore.


Then I came back to my hometown for an important family reunion. A lot of distant cousins are coming over, there are a lot of phone calls and everyone is coming over. I have to cook for a lot of people today.


... Oh geez, I can't believe I want a smoke so bad.  So weird to feel like this again. I won't smoke, of course. Just... It's frustrating.


Remember to respect yourself, your time, your boundaries. Eat when hungry, sleep when tired, take your time. Understand your triggers and get some chocolate. Cravings go away eventually.

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Good to see you @justanotherme,Sorry you're having a crave caused by your family reunion. I'm guessing this is a first for you to get past. Luckily at four years quit (congratulations on that!) its easily dismissed and acknowledged for what it is.

Try to have a great time and we'll be here if you need us 🤗

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Hi  justanotherme!

I think it's the addiction, we'll always be the addict (in my opinion).

That's why we must always be vigilant.

I stay prepared for that monster. There is a reason I spent those years reading, watching videos and constantly educating myself.

Supporting others and being supported to keep myself accountable.

Understanding the lie is what helps me on those moments when I "want" a cigarette.

Glad you came to vent about it. That's part of what this fabulous support group is all about.



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It’s so refreshing to see someone with such a long quit own up to experiencing a desire for a

cigarette after a great length of time. I am 5 months quit and although I hardly every think of smoking anymore I know that I need to always be vigilant against the addiction. I too believe that we are addicts. There is no other word for what we deal with when we quit, the thoughts we have from time to time and the craving for something that is only going to kill us. I am sorry that you were under so much stress but thank you for being honest so that us newbies KNOW that we will battle this the rest of our lives. And awesome job saying NOPE to nicotine! 🤗

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10 minutes ago, Gus said:

but thank you for being honest so that us newbies KNOW that we will battle this the rest of our lives. 

Gus, let me assure you that the longer you're quit the easier and farther in between the craves become. So its not really a battle so much as its being AWARE of the fact that we're addicts. And as long as we don't act on those pesky craves we will never relapse 🤗

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