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Eight Years Free for our Dear Doreen!


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Here's to our wonderful leader, Doreen!  Eight years without smoking!  You have helped so many and formed a lot of treasured friendships.  I never dreamed I would have such a close friend so very far away!  Thank you so much for all you do to help others, and for your patience and wonderful humor.  You are the best and we are very lucky to have you on the train!  I could write all day about all you have done for others, but instead I'll just propose a toast and congratulate you on this wonderful milestone!!


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Congratulations my dear @Doreensfree, eight years of freedom and helping others get theirs along the way. You are one of the most caring people I know and I'm honored to call you my friend 🤗 Have a wonderful day, we all love you so much!😘

I see the champagne mimosas have arrived....



And then its off to the party....




Love you doll!😘🤗

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Thank you Nancy for Remembering ....8 years ago a desperate Quitter stumbled your way ...

You reached a hand out to me ...gave me a name ,and became my Guardian Angel ....

I will love you forever .❤️

Since then I have met the wonderful People ....my heart is big and you all fit in there ....

I have so many friends here ,who I will remember always .....

I Find it hard to believe it's 8 years ....it's flown by ....

It's weird at the beginning you are counting the minutes ,hours  ,days and weeks....and now years pass ....

I still get that huge sense of pride ,when another milestone comes up ....

And beat the air....I Finally Did It ...!!!!!!

Thank you Quit Train ...and all its members passed and present ....your the reason I stay ....

To get you that magic feeling and the buzz ,when you know you have kicked this horrible addiction ...

Feel proud ....not every smoker makes it ....

Love to you all....❤️❤️❤️❤️



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8 is great Doreen! I will always be ever so grateful that you are here on this train with us! You have helped me so many times! Your concern for and care of your fellow man is beyond measure! Prayers for blessings on you, always! 🤗

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Passed or present? Or past? We ain’t dead yet horney eh1m5hr0.jpg.c9f6710ea459a0b3d61987d874d7e8e5.jpgtoad.


good job window licker. Sucks you cheat so much on game but give someone power and they think they can get away with anything.  Hope you lose your panties today....great job



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Eight years is a great quit.  Doreen is an awesome chick.


You've been a friend and loyal companion.  We've shared a lot of laughs.  We've driven multiple threads right into the gutter together.


I am eternally grateful for the support you've given me since day one here and proud to know that you are Maddie's honorary "Nana."


Enjoy your special day, you deserve nothing but the best.  Save a dance for me.

Disco GIF

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