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How Does A Quit Site Help ?

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The more I wonder around this site , the more I like it . It's a perfect fit for a successful quit . So many good tools to access for help , education and receive support . So many areas to distract oneself from smoking or to learn from others as well as give back .  So many positive and real posts from ex smokers with new and older quits to identify with .  No sugar coating but completely honest testimonies , and an understanding between us , that is more than a non smoker may ever or could ever understand . 


I love the way it's sectioned off where you can talk about your quit in one area , educate yourself about addiction in another or get out of the smoking fixation and into just having fun with fellow members to distract yourself from smoking and get to know them . There is something for everyone .


There is a place to pledge if one finds that helpful , a notary celebrations section to see your own progress and others progress ; a games section and educational videos ... well the list just goes on and on . Love it ! 


If you are not a computer savvy person like me , in my opinion it's easy to understand and not too hard . You can use what you need to start a quit confidently and comfortably or grow and try to learn more .


What aides besides NRT aides things did you look for or are you looking for to help you be a successful quitter ? Everyone is different . 


I came to a quit site to quit smoking . I did not have success in groups . We are all different . Testimonies helped me a lot in the beginning and were exactly what I was looking for . They helped me to see the journey ahead would get better and that I was not alone when my days were rough . Newcomers and elders testimonies all made a difference in me keeping my quit . 


Games ha ... lived in games .. can't tell you how many hours I spent in games day and night .  Any humour I could find I wanted and needed desperately in the beginning and it so helped . So to all you funny people out there thank you . Wish I had your gift but I'm grateful for yours . 


That's about all I did the first year .. my next years I really got into the education part of addiction , researching addiction  , celebrations , giving back and pledging . I wished I'd done them all in the beginning in hindsight , but perhaps that was not meant to be for my success to shape .  Again each of us will be different and there is no right or wrong . 


I stay now because I need to for my quit and want to stay for others quits . I am also getting to know people here and again who would have thought but because of covid we once again have something in common . We are in this together and together we will get through this .


One day at a time . 


Signed Abby 







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So beautiful and true and positive. It’s the writings like this that helped me make it in the beginning and still do. The good, the ugly, the positive, and the negative!  I am thankful for quittrain and everyone here! 🤗 Thanks Abby!

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I'm thankful you are here as well Gus and everyone .

It takes a village to raise ex smokers haha and we got a great one . 

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QuitTrain®, a quit smoking support community, was created by former smokers who have a deep desire to help people quit smoking and to help keep those quits intact.  This place should be a safe haven to escape the daily grind and focus on protecting our quits.  We don't believe that there is a "one size fits all" approach when it comes to quitting smoking.  Each of us has our own unique set of circumstances which contributes to how we go about quitting and more importantly, how we keep our quits.


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