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The mental game has been too real today. Today was a slow day. Nothing really to do.  Nowhere to be. Just wanted to take it easy. I’ve read every news article that I received a notification for. I don’t know how many documentaries I’ve watched nor how many crossword puzzles I’ve done trying to keep my mind off of cigarettes! I can’t wait for bedtime. Tomorrow is going to be a busy, busy day, so I will not have to rely on just my own strength, determination, and willpower to get me through. I do hope everyone here has a Happy Easter!

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The mental game is probably the hardest part of the entire quit process @Gus, we've all had to deal with it to one extreme or another. Mine lasted quite a while and I found what helped me was the Social forums. 

We have a great assortment of silly games to help keep your mind busy and still stay close to your support.

We have joke threads, music threads, we even have a fun thread for our @Mac#23 one year anniversary tomorrow. Looking up stuff to add to any of those forums is a great way to pass time and busy the brain.

And if none of that works then maybe just go to bed early and put an end to the day. I know I did on many occasions. And tomorrow was almost always better 😊

Happy Easter to you too 🤗

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